How Are You Feeling...Honestly?

Self-care and Mental Health

When someone asks you the question, "How are you doing?" or "How are you feeling?" Do you respond with the typical cookie cutter response of "good" or "fine"? Or do you take the time to tap into your body and really listen to what it's telling you

By tap into the body, I mean, do you feel any pain or discomfort? If so, where are you feeling it? Is it in your shoulders or back? For me, when my shoulders are tense and begin to rise, I know I'm carrying burdens, insecurity, or stress. Say I'm stepping into an appointment that I may have some hesitation over. How am I feeling? Well, if I really tune in to my body, my shoulders are tense and stomach is in knots. I'm anxious and doubting my abilities to shine. 

Without this knowledge or practice of tuning in, I would likely just say that I'm fine and not get to the heart of the matter. Or not be present to anything going on. I may think it's normal to feel this way. Emotional Body Mapping leaves you bread crumbs to let you know how you're feeling and to tell you,  "Hey! you're not listening to how you're feeling! You're not tapping into your body." Your body responds to emotion and is alerting you that something is going on. With Emotional Body Mapping, we are using our body rather than asking our thoughts or feelings how we're truly feeling.

Check in.

What is physically happening with your body? If you're having a panic attack, your body is having a physical response to anxiety; or if you're having a stroke, your body is physically reacting to stress. Those are larger responses. On a smaller scale, you could find yourself hanging your head low with hunched shoulders as a response to feeling insecure. So in that instance, how is your posture and alignment?

These responses are letting your body be the compass for all of those things -- anxiety, insecurity, stress, trauma, etc. And without self-awareness, the body is the last are where we typically look. When we tune in, we can go straight to the pain and discomfort and pinpoint exactly what's triggering your body's reaction or feeling. 

Self Awareness.

Without self awareness, you may feel floaty, fatigued or uncertain about where you're going. When you are self aware, and say "no" or "yes" to something, you are honoring your self awareness and better equipped to respond to your needs. 

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Emotional Body Mapping is about tapping into what your body is telling you and uncovering hidden traumas or truths you may not have otherwise noticed. It helps you to understand your body's language and be present to what's underneath your body's physical pain or discomfort. 

I recently launched an in-depth 7-part webinar that breaks down Emotional Body Mapping and how it can serve you. Once you understand how your body is connected to how you're feeling, you can better presence what's really going on. It's a powerful tool and one that will be of great benefit to you. 

Ready to learn more about Emotional Body Mapping? Subscribe to our Master Class and learn exactly what your body is telling you. 

  • Understand what you are FEELING fully by being guided into understanding what your body is depicting.

  • Learn how to Say NO without doubt.

  • Start to make choices you fully believe in.

  • Build a business that honors your purpose/ know what you are meant to be doing on this PLANET!

  • Understand your thoughts as if they are as simple as reading a book.

  • Learn the correct order in which to connect to your mind, body, and spirit.

When you connect to your body and understand the language your entire life will shift before your eyes.

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