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HOW DOES Remote Energy Healing work?!

Setting up your online holistic business

Are you currently a facilitator of healing, interested in starting a remote healing facet of your business, but not sure where to begin? I have been there. I started in the massage industry with my healing practice and it slowly unraveled to teach me how much more I was giving that had nothing to do with massage. Remote work gave me the tools to see that healing could be direct and deliberate AND touch was not necessary for inner work.

Are you currently telling yourself….




Well… I am here to burst that limiting belief right in the butt! I used to feel this way too - that I would lose some of the magic of my gifts if I did it online. But then, I started to realize how working online was magically connected to energy work and in fact, strengthened the linearity between my client and I by making it less about reading the room and the energy but strictly reading the energy emitting from my client’s bio-magnetic pulse.

That means instead of the clatter of the outside world, I was able to zero in on my client’s needs and directly address them without any distractions.

I like to think of the internet as the fifth element that simply hasn’t found its way into full integration in a harmonious way yet, however, that is for us to help move that along now ;)


The internet wants things fast and direct. That means meeting people, attracting clients, and even healing practices are better when we are clear and concise with the focus being the transformation. Where we get lost as facilitators very often is feeling the need to over-explain our gifts before letting people know what they can do for them.


When I began remote healing work there was definitely a learning curve in attracting my soulmate clients. That is an entirely different blog post, however, the best tip I was ever given that was simple, was speak to the collective as if you are talking to yourself five years ago.

Social media and the world wide web is not here to separate us from our emotions and spirits but instead, bring it to the surface through direct honesty and deliberate intention on the big shifts that are possible. When we focus on these that is how we bring the ability to make HUGE TRANSFORMATIONS for our clients. It is how we reach more people that speak our language and understand us without difficulty.

There are unique energies to how each social media platform and how to use them to the best of our ability as remote healers.

1. Social Media is 80% people talking about themselves. Use that to your advantage. Ask questions, connect to their problems and their goals. Listen and learn.

2. Listen to the energy of what is going on in the ether and share your feelings about it via written or video depending on your medium of choice. I personally love doing videos because I can be myself and connect fully whereas, I feel some of myself can get lost in my written word.

3. It is NOT ABOUT YOU AND WHAT YOU DO. It is always about the transformations that you provide. We are not meant for everyone, we are really here to be working with people we can have true empathy with and be able to have awesomely connected conversations. Wait until they come to you interested in a post you write to talk about what you do. My clients are my friends and eventually my colleagues! It is not that they are without gifts, I just have one particular gift that serves them in this moment.

4. Meet people where they are at and quickly. Do your best to put yourself in your future client’s shoes. What is their living hell? What does it look like and what is happening? Do your best to bring in visual cues instead of focusing on the feeling. Example, write “Are you currently stuck behind a desk all day planning your next 1 week off vacation wishing that you had more time off?’ versus DO NOT WRITE, “Are you currently feeling lost and confused and hating your job?” One is more feeling focused and not clear or concise, it does not connect to a story or a place.

On social media, people are skimming and scanning so fast, me included! I serve to see something that essentially looks like it is directly talking to me in order to stop and read or watch it.

When I feel that connection, it is in that moment that I want to meet and work with someone.

We are feeling based. We are drawn through our intuition. So, it is in understanding the ways in which to intuitively connect online that can change your entire being.

remote healing

We are feeling based. We are drawn through our intuition. So, it is in understanding the ways in which to intuitively connect online that can change your entire being.

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