Being a Coach Doesn't Mean I Have it Figured Out; Why hire a coach?!

Why Hire a Coach

There is a very dangerous misconception that the people we hire for our mind have their minds "figured out". Such is the same as when we hire people for our bodies we think they are tremendously healthy and in shape and know about their own personal body's needs and meet them on a daily basis. But, being a coach doesn't mean I have it all figured out. And, you are probably wondering then why hire a coach? 


Life does not stop happening, and life keeps bringing unknown lessons.

No matter how much we as coaches have learned the tools, and in truth still learning and seeking new tools, every day we are faced with our own shadows and growing through the thick of it all. The best coach knows they do not have it all understood and will not understand it ever. Life is not meant to be here for the sake of understanding but rather the exact opposite. It is in the differentiation of our awareness that we grow the most and where our assumptions are left on hold as we forage through the newness. 

Not knowing is the cataclysmic foreplay to learning something amazing about ourselves and I am grateful to not know and still feel the bountiful knowledge is yet to penetrate my forest of wonder. 



You hire a coach because you have been doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Maybe you have seen some progress but not the amount you want or feel you could have with the right guidance and new perspective. The keyword here is a NEW PERSPECTIVE. 

It is really easy to go through life and keep building off of ideas that did not serve you in the first place. You go from building off of one idea that created more adversity in your life to another layered on top of it until you are in a situation where you finances, love life, family life, or health is diminishing.

Without a guide or a sometimes even a *coach (cheerleader holding you accountable and believing in you when you find it hard to believe in yourself) you can give up and self-sabotage the same strategy repeatedly until you are finally ready for that big change. It is hard to move when you do not see a clear direction towards the light at the end of the tunnel.

There is a way out. And there are many ways to get there. We hire a coach when we feel that they are the ones that can see the light at the end of the tunnel and guide us to make the correct choices in our lives to help take us there.  


Before hiring a coach, I urge others to know some things about what your coach is there to be doing for you. 


1. Do not expect your coach to fix your problems... only you fix your problems. 

2. A good coach asks lots of questions and "tells" very little. Their career lies around getting you to have guided realizations, transformations, and breakthroughs of your own. 

3. A good coach has few clients and focuses on their own quality of life. If a coach is not focused on their well-being it will be lies to be offering solutions for you that they do not have time for themselves. We as coaches serve to always make time to give ourselves the care we offer as resources for our clients. Part of being a coach is knowing how to take your own knowledge and allocate the tools in your own life. That means self-care is crucial if we are to facilitate others to live a life of self-care. 

4. *This caters more towards business and financial coaches.  A good coach will give you advice/facilitation in their field exactly as they do it themselves. What I mean clearer is a good coach would not tell a client to do a task that they wouldn't do or have not done where it provided successful results. If they have not done that or do not do it they are not being 100% honest. 

5. As a client, it is crucial to be 100% in and ready to take action or the results that you strive for will not happen. Everything, when you are beginning, takes a bit of elbow grease, it may even seem counterproductive. But, if you continue with the work the results are on the other end. 

I hope this has been some sound advice and helped you before you stepped into the realm of having a coach in your life. I have heard horror stories from clients before they come to me about their previous coaches. I learned that while there are invaluable coaches available, there are also some points to understand before seeking that incredibly possible transformation. 

Infinite gratitude all ways, 

The Snarky Spiritualist

Brook Woolf 




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Brook Woolf is an empowerment coach who helps service-based workers achieve a location-independent lifestyle through the power of mindset and strategic online business development. She also teaches Emotional Body Mapping for facilitators to learn a new tool to facilitate wellness and healing. She founded a three-story nonprofit art center at 22 years of age, promoting constant learning and in doing so she is consistently enrolling herself in new skills. She is certified in Massage Therapy, Ayurveda, Yoga, Thai Massage, B.F.A., coaching as well as studied Chinese nutrition and holistic wellness.

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