9 Spiritual Rituals for Money and Prosperity

9 Rituals for Money & Prosperity

This is a holistic guide that could possibly turn your life around and you could begin having abundant success in your life. Instead of living everyday in a scarcity-mindset, start shifting that self-sabotage and become blessed with your wealth.

Rituals are another word for routine in the spiritual world. It is purely a matter of integrating regular focus on something you want to attract or focus on in your life. If you are living your life guided by a spiritual and holistic vision then it serves you to look at your life in all areas with the same intention.

More often than not, those that are givers and holistic practitioners of some kind have the hardest time asking for money or connecting to money.

They will often say things like, “I cannot charge for my practice, I am doing it because I love it.” Or, “It doesn’t feel like work, I get so much out of just helping people.”

I really want to meet that person that once said you are not allowed to love your job, help people, AND make money doing it. Because, this person who first said that really got into all our heads!!

Hey - guess what - if you are reading this, then you probably already are someone who if you had loads of money you would be giving to more people, doing more amazing things for the world, and creating more fluidity and abundance for others.

So, if you are ready to bring in a new way of thinking into your life, one of which you deserve money and deserve prosperity then follow these nine new rituals towards changing your mindset and bringing in your abundance.



1.     Gratitude Daily

Gratitude is a vessel. It serves to be filled regularly and thought of often. The more often we give thanks the more prosperity we receive. I recommend a gratitude journal by your bedside you can fill every night.


2.     “I am prosperous” 100x said every morning and every evening

The month that I did this as a ritual I made more money than any other month in my life!! I have really got to bring this back into my daily practice! What I did originally was I gathered 100 coins in a bag. I would dump the bag every day morning and evening and would go through each coin one by one saying out loud “I am prosperous for every coin dropped back into the bag”.


3.     Complain LESS

Complaining in it of itself is a ritual that we do unconsciously. The more focus that we bring towards positivity and more intentional words in our life the more positive creations will be gathered around us.  Thus, it is the same with attracting negativity into our life. When we often bring negative thoughts into our life we are attracting more negativity into our life, which prosperity becomes nowhere to be found. I did a 28 day challenge of no complaining once. It was brutal, especially driving in traffic and computer malfunctions, lol! But, I highly recommend the practice. It made me a more patient and calm person in general. It allowed me to wait to be reminded that everything in life is a lesson and when I am not complaining I am quiet enough to hear the lesson.


4.     Spiritually Tithe Monthly* This also means understanding your budget

The idea of tithing is often thought of as a religious thing, but in fact it really just allows a complete understanding of where you are directing your money.  The idea of tithing is to give 10% of everything you earn every month to that which spiritual fulfills you. That means that donating money and taking friends out, although it is a lovely thing to do does not count towards the idea of tithing. The energy put into this is built so that you truly can believe in the faith that you hold yourself to believing. If you truly believe, then you know it will come back ten-fold in wherever you put your money. Meditate and sit with what it truly fuelling your spirituality and then gift that money monthly without fear. Know that you will receive and it is not about knowing how, that is for your faith to guide you.



5.     Write out your dreams or goals in DETAIL!

Since it is not about knowing how you will gain your prosperity, but only what you really want, then you better have a clear vision on what you want! Write out a list, make it super detailed and fine-tuned! Have it clear enough so that you can talk about it all the time with clarity and certainty. Make it a mantra in the morning. Live it and breath it! The clearer you are the faster it will come to you. Ask and ye shall receive, the universe doesn’t have the ability to guess!


6.     Vision board

Once you have it clear in writing, make a beautiful picture and put it on the wall. Let yourself see visuals of what you want to achieve and the success in image forms for your dreams to dance around and play.


7.     Prosperity Altar

I have many altars in my tiny home. I am minimal, but when it comes to bringing in my desires, that is clearly the most intentional spaces in my house. Clean it often and go to it daily. Do not just set it and forget it. An alter is meant to be worshipped and appreciated. If you do not give it energy it won’t do anything back for you.  What you want to put on your alter can vary. I recommended a few things that specifically bring abundance, money, and prosperity into your life such as jade, salt, green candles, money, and nutmeg.


8.     Write out a check for what you want and put it on your wall.

The more visual representations the better!  Let yourself sit and close your eyes, what is the number on that check that would make you so excited and happy and feel at ease? What would you do with that money on that check and how would you use it? How would it change your life right now?


9.     Make a personalized affirmation about bringing in money and what you would do with it. Write how you are destined to receive money.

Morning mantras bring so much success in so many ways. Personalized mantras are so much more intensified than any mantra you will find out there on the internet. While there are plenty of good ritual statements and mantras already, you already know what you would do with the abundance, you already know why you deserve it, and you can make a money and abundance mantra to suit your needs. Don’t put in any words in the negative format as the universe does not understand that. Keep it forward and positive. For example, “ I am abundant! I have money coming to me effortlessly and I take it all with ease and grace! I am a giver, I share my wealth and I receive even more for my gifts!”


I hope this brings you so much prosperity that I become the one you end up tithing to in the end! If  you ever need more information or want to know where I find my research and how I have come to these amazing nine principles of abundance, please email or write to me! I am a real person and I love to help and be there for my readers and clients.

Infinite love and gratitude,

The Snarky Spiritualist and Mindful Modern Nomad

Brook Woolf

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