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So often we downgrade pain in our body for being part of everyday life or sleeping in a funny position. We think it's how we're supposed to feel and discount what our bodies are actually telling us. "Oh I always have neck pain. It's just something I deal with." 

What if you didn't have to deal with that pain in your body anymore? What if you could pinpoint that pain to an exact emotion or deeper underlying issue? 

I recently hosted a three day boot camp webinar on Emotional Body Mapping. The webinar was broken down into 6 parts - each part covering a different area of the body. Throughout the webinar, I had several participants chime in and speak to direct areas of the body. Areas of pain or discomfort. 

One of the attendees commented that she was having pain in her right pelvic area. Prior to tuning in, she mentioned that she would not have thought much about it; rather that it was just discomfort from pulling a muscle. After watching the webinar, she was able to connect the dots and realize that her body was trying to speak to her. She had recently quit her job and found herself concerned with finances. Her masculine, Yang, side was trying to tell her that it was time to take power back in her life. And that the pain she was experiencing was a result of her worrying about her finances and where her next paycheck would come from. 

She woke up the next morning and did a meditation around abundance and prosperity. Later that afternoon, she learned that she had a new source of income entering her life and the pain disappeared!

She reached out to me ecstatic: 

Brook, thank you so much for hosting this webinar on Emotional Body Mapping and showing us how the body speaks to us. Because of this knowledge, I was able to link pain in my body to discomfort and worry around my finances. And once I realized that, I was able to channel it and meditate and create ways to release it. And to add to that, later that day I learned that I had money coming in from an outside source. I cannot thank you enough for opening my eyes to this knowledge.
— Robin, Dallas, TX

The body is such a powerful machine and speaks its own language.

Once you learn its language, you're better able to communicate with it and release the pain and discomfort it's feeding you. And what's more you can use this knowledge to make a difference for your clients and students. 

  • A yoga teacher can create sequences for grounding during changes in season when people tend to lose grounding.

  • A coach can support a client when complaining about an area of their body and help them to pinpoint exactly what is underlying in their worries even if their words don't match what they are feeling.

  • A lightworker can provide physical healing over their remote sessions and help clients to clear the pain in 1-4 sessions.

Are you ready to take your knowledge of Emotional Body Mapping to the next level? In the end of September we are launching Emotional Body Mapping Practitioner Group Program. This 8-week program will breakdown each level for an in-depth dive into how your body speaks. At the end of the program, participants will have a deeper understand of this powerful knowledge and have the tools necessary to share it with their clients. 

Only 15 spots are available for the Emotional Body Mapping Practitioner Group Program.

Claim your spot today! 


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