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How often do you read a post or see a video that cuts to your core and brings up emotions towards the person sharing his/her story? What is it about their story that brings up certain emotions or feelings? 

There has been a lot going around lately about suicide and the ongoing topic of racial profiling. I was watching a video about racial profiling recently and was moved to tears. I was feeling a tinge of sadness over one man's story of oppression, discrimination and injustice. While it wasn't happening directly to me, I still felt empathy towards this person. 

Empathy is resonance and connection among other people and their stories; it allows us to mirror ourselves with one another and connect to them on a deeper level.  


So while we may not be able to relate directly to what someone else is going through, we can look within ourselves and find similar experiences or feelings that resonate with that person's story. 

With the suicides that have been taken place recently--Kate Space and Anthony Bourdain--I felt the weight of the news. While I do not know them personally, I could find myself connecting to my own story and the times when I was battling my own depression or anxiety. Empathy provides a space for us to have true connection and understanding of what others are going through and to use their story to connect to our own stories. It serves as a reminder that there is still transformation to be done; we're all on this never-ending transformative process. 

Empathy reminds us of how much love we have to give one another. It's like 100 reminders all at once - all from a place of true love and compassion. 

When we feel empathy, what we're feeling is an emotion that we've built and learned to have from a layer of feelings - our own journey and story has created that emotion. So when we watch or read something sad, we are tearing up about our own feelings and past experiences about being discriminated against or misunderstood or various levels of depression or past trauma. 

Empathy is important in our work and connection with others.

How does empathy play a role in our businesses? How can you have empathy for your clients and connect to them and resonate with their stories? Who are you are as a provider or supporter of others, requires empathy. It allows you to connect with yourself and find a space to connect on a deeper level with others. When your client is sharing something they're dealing with currently or from the past, you can listen with an open heart and connect on a similar level. You can tap into emotions and experiences that resonate with theirs. And when that is present, you can have compassion, love and connection with that person. 

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Learn how to understand what you are FEELING fully by being guided into understanding what your body is depicting.

Learn to Say NO without doubt.

Learn to make choices you fully believe in.

Learn to build a business by honoring your purpose/ know what you are meant to be doing on this PLANET!

Learn to understand your thoughts as if they are as simple as reading a book.

Learn the correct order in which to connect to your mind, body, and spirit.

When you connect to your body and understand the language your entire life will shift before your eyes.


You will:

Have better communication with friends, family, and loved ones.

Have more success in business by honoring your choices and knowing when to slow down and take care of your needs.

Have better health and be able to remove physical pains quickly by noticing the emotional attachment to the physical pain.

All in all, your entire health, wellness, and business will be PROSPEROUS.

I have worked with people who have not been in relationships for years and within two sessions manifested their life partner.

I have seen people who could not walk be able to walk within two sessions and people who could not lift their arms be able to do the jumping jacks in four sessions AND all of this is done remotely!

I have worked with people who stopped believing in their business and were not getting new clients to go to a six-figure business within 3 sessions.

This isn’t impossible and this isn’t magic. This is a simple understanding of the steps in the correct order to finally start connecting the dots in your life.

If you feel like you are taking shots in the dark to get the mental or physical wellness in your life to be happy then this is the practice for you. It is simple, it makes sense, and it is possible for you to use these steps over and over for unlimited success results.

If you are being tired and drained in your business and feel like you are overworking and trying everything to grow a following or attract the right clients, then this is for you. When you learn how to listen to your body, you begin speaking to the right people and re-falling in love with your practice.

There is no fix all forever tactics in life. You will continue having pains in your life and the best possible strategy is to learn the invaluable tools to be able to face whatever comes in life fearlessly and effortlessly.


Your body speaks, learn the language.

Starting Monday, June 25th at 8.30pm CST I will be hosting an hour-long webinar series every day for 7 days in my private group  Emotional Body Mapping for the Mindful Modern Nomad. I will go through the main body parts discussed in my book THE BODY SPEAKS, Conversations on Emotional Body Mapping.

Each day I will go through a body part, the emotional relationship and give insights and tips on how to heal, learn, and connect to your body.


·      I will also include a one-sheet cheat sheet to help guide you on your personal journey towards healing. It will include a summary, mantra, meditation, and physical exercise for each body part listed in the book.


·      The videos will only be up for 24hours to promote you to be present so you can ask whatever personal questions and so that you can follow along with the map.


·      It is important not to miss any of these steps as we all have pain in every part of our body at some point throughout our lives.


On the last day, I will discuss how to combine these practices, the complexity, and where we can go from here now that you have been given a taste of the practice.


If you are seeking one on one time and have something that you are struggling with deeply, please contact me and we can set up a breakthrough call immediately and start creating a more expansive lifestyle that you deserves and desire.


Living in high vibrations means honoring all versions of yourself first.