Thoughts on abundance and the Feminine/Masculine Balance Philosophizing in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Masculine / Feminine Balance

The “starving artist” life sentence has us accept that creativity is undervalued in our society. It suggests that those of us who rely on creative gifts to make a living can expect to be poorly paid, and the rest of us are entitled to exploit them or shortchange them in money terms, and undervalue them in human being terms.”

Lynne Twist The Soul of Money

Does the scarcity mindset correlate to that of the masculine dominated corporate mindset?

Does that also mean that to create an abundance mindset it would serve us to connect to our feminine, artistic, and creative self?

When looking at the roots of a tree it is a simple resonance to how deeply we require eachother for survival.

When looking at the roots of a tree it is a simple resonance to how deeply we require eachother for survival.

As I sit here on my cute kid’s desk with the Thai Alphabet and write this to you, I think about what has made me happiest as I have been traveling and learning here in Chiang Mai.

 It is simple.

It has been when I find myself of service and collaboration. When I am fully able to facilitate positive change I am blossoming and drifting into my highest vibration.  Sharing space with new friends and building a community of like-minded inspirers keeps me woke in a state of bliss.  I have met countless people already in the short time I have been in Chiang Mai that has reinvigorated my love for my practice.

Collaboration is the source from which we can pull out of the belief of scarcity and that we are continually renewed in this trust. The presence of community relies on trusting one another, and trusting ourselves is where it begins.

As a traveler of the world, I have noticed in order to feel at home anywhere building a tribe is pivotal. When you have that restaurant or coffee shop you go to and you have “the usual” without having to say anything, it feels like home. It is in these moments we recognize our comforts are rewarded with connectivity.

The masculine energy of society in most places takes away this idea of collaboration or nurturing one another and in turn, changes it to an “every man for himself” model. This model in the world is building even in countries where tradition seems to be a pillar and the greed is seeping in losing the core values of those previous.  

This masculine dynamism that we as humanity has unknowingly consumed, we are being covetous and forgetting about the connectivity of our earth and shared wealth and abundance on this planet.

I believe it is in finding our balance of our masculine/feminine characteristics that we will begin being able to share these much-needed resources with each other and build a new hearth, home, and worldview.


Through my life, I have always been an advocate of sharing talents, resources, love, trust and strength and it has never failed me. It has only brought me to a higher understanding of why I have been such a collaborator for so long.

This, in turn, will end our struggles with greed, money, and the environment through a transformation of understanding of our own truth. Instead of shedding light on all the negativity of the world it is always best to show the greatness we all can be together.

The power of positivity is not built to deny the negativity, but to bring light on topics that usually get brushed off for a more intense and depressing story.

Negativity rears negativity and positivity can do the same. Which one would you prefer being in your life more habitually?

What has made Chiang Mai even more beautiful is that it is a mecca of different modalities and gifts of giving. Positivity is painless as I am awarded mentors, coaches, light-workers, and yogis. I am awarded knowledge of medicine, massage, language, arts, and martial arts. I have an abundance of seeking, growing and learning to achieve and it is not with monetary exchange always. I can receive the compassionate touch of massage for less than $8 and that is two hours of pure bliss!

It is bountiful country blossoming with flowers, animals, birds, fruits and vegetables I have never seen before. Thailand is home to 70% of the earth’s ecosystem and is one of the few places I feel honors the role of the woman in the family. I have felt respected, listened to, and felt a sense of balance within myself that is difficult to achieve anywhere else and I am so grateful for the copiousness of people that can facilitate this change whenever wanted.

I am aware every country has its darkness, but for me, I choose to see inherent beauty, as it is easier to emphasize on that here in Thailand.

I am not a person who is forgetting the darkness but instead, when I emphasize the positivity it is with the intention of allowing that to grow. I know that when we focus on negativity we are, with ease, creating more of it.

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    Misery loves company and people who are frequently happy are regarded as daft or ignorant very often. 

    Happiness can create an argument- as if it is unnatural to be joyful when upsetting events in the world are happening and we, “happy people”, choose to focus on lightness as an alternative.

    Happiness is a choice that I choose 100% of the time when I am consciously making my choices.

    It is in this happy space that I am able to share, connect, collaborate and be of my highest service. It is in this space that I am able to feel my most abundant and creative. I am grateful for Chiang Mai and my slow travel life as it always keeps my perspective humbled and in a learning mentality. I am grateful for this way of life and choice to see the abundance over the scarcity.

    I hope that with this message it leaves you wanting to share more, love more, give more, and choose happiness. I hope that with this message you find space for yourself and your service to yourself.

    I hope that with this message you realize how much it is worth it to take the effort to leave the scarcity mentality behind and just hug a fucking tree for a second. It won’t hurt you ;)

    You are living in a body that is constantly connecting to all sources around you. Your blood is made of iron and oxygen. The iron is built to connect you to the center of the earth while the oxygen your connection to the sky. You have a direct link to everything around you if you wish to consciously connect at any moment.

    I love you and want you to hang out with me and be happy too. You deserve it. You are abundant, prosperous, and you have everything you need right now.


    Talk soon,

    The Snarky Spiritualist

    Brook Woolf

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