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Oppression and Physical Illness as a Woman

There are clear studies that help create a true clarity of gender differences and its effect on physical and mental health. As science looks for physical qualifiers to determine statistics, sometimes it can overlook the invisible traumas that are micro though create macro effects in the human body.

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Self-Love on Valentine's, Emotional Body Mapping Style ;)

Very often February and around Valentine’s we can be more focused on outward desires of love than the internal burning flame of our own love candle. This adds pressure and can make feeling good start to feel quite helpless and energetically draining. Self-love comes in many forms and many expressions.

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Body Affirmations: Help Your Body Feel Good

When we are in pain, feel sad or exhausted for any reason,

it’s not only our mind that would benefit from affirmative thoughts. Our body is our temple and we serve to respect and nurture it with kind words.
If you are having chronic pain and can’t find the source of it - well, the source might be your not expressed emotions. This is why I created 24 body affirmations which are going to help your body and your emotional state.

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Emotions Underlying Physical Pain: A Breakdown of How and Where Emotions Manifest in the Body

Our emotions are not separate from our body as our body is not separate from our emotions, but often we try to compartmentalize these two parts of ourselves and work on the self-care aspect of these while negating their close proximity. Most often it is the repeat mini-traumas that we store in our body unconsciously unaware that they are holding tension.

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Building a holistic home based business that supported my own self-care practice saved my life and gave me better results with my client’s transformations than ever expected. That self-care allowed my work to become more engaged, as I was less drained and overwhelmed, and it allowed my client’s to have bigger transformations as I stopped spreading myself so thin.

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Emotional Body Mapping for Parenting

Do you often find yourself upset or helpless when your child (no matter the age) is dealing with pain or discomfort in his/her body that you can't source? What is your initial response to wanting to "fix" or support your child? 

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Your Body Speaks, Learn the Language

Are you ready to take your knowledge of Emotional Body Mapping to the next level? In the end of September we are launching Emotional Body Mapping Practitioner Group Program. This 8-week program will breakdown each level for an in-depth dive into how your body speaks. At the end of the program, participants will have a deeper understand of this powerful knowledge and have the tools necessary to share it with their clients. 

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How Are You Feeling...Honestly?

When someone asks you the question, "How are you doing?" or "How are you feeling?" Do you respond with the typical cookie cutter response of "good" or "fine"? Or do you take the time to tap into your body and really listen to what it's telling you? 

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From Mindful Modern Nomad to Emotional Body Mapping Coach

Have you ever had a moment in your business when you felt like a fraud or weren’t living up to your full potential? As a holistic coach for the Mindful Modern Nomad, I work with clients on a daily basis to support them in overcoming their fears and being in alignment with their desires through my method of Emotional Body Mapping. So you can imagine what it was like when I had my own stark realization that I myself wasn’t practicing what I coach. 

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Being a freelancer in any field very often we are faced with the conundrum of an incredibly difficult client. I have personally caught myself in the moment thinking more about my bills and letting myself become devalued for a simple pay check.

Whether or not clients are unclear, unresponsive but demand immediate results, ask for unrealistic goals and deadlines, or simply have taste, morals, or values that do not mesh, this undeniable time and heart consuming client is bad news for business.

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