Scarcity Mindset 2018; Commercialism and Complacency

Scarcity Mindset 2018.

Lately, and now more than ever, the panic of not having enough has become epidemic. In fact, it is a marketing ploy. Sales won’t happen if you find yourself not needing anything. Commercialism is threatened by complacency and feelings of abundance. People are sharing less, privatizing everything, and feeling like they can't accomplish anything without first making a million dollars.

The  framework translates in our news and media, causing a panic of fear and insecurity. It is a political agenda that has unleashed a worldwide pandemic of dysfunctional humans lacking in self-love and self-worth. 

When traveling, I notice this fear, and it is all-encompassing. It is in the traveler's mindset while haggling for every last cent with the street artisan in the throes of travel anxiety, manifesting as dissonance between culture and tourist. While the memory of abundance is foggy, it flows underneath our conditioned scarcity structure. Thoughts (and feelings) of prosperity are ever waiting to connect people to a divine shared space.

Photo taken in Kerala, India

Photo taken in Kerala, India

When you think/feel you are unsafe you create that reality.

When you think/feel you are abundant you create that reality. 

It is that simple.

In order to create an abundance worldview, I believe it is pivotal that we change our mindset to emanate prosperity and to give thanks to ALL that we have. We are ABUNDANT. 

As I was studying the scarcity mindset years ago, I read that the largest growing business in America was storage unit industry. People needed more room for more stuff and yet the same people are feeling like they don't have enough. Money is an interesting drug that people can get addicted to and lost in, forgetting that true abundance is not always financial wealth but health, love, family, friends, and overall happiness.

For more information on the scarcity-mindset, I recommend reading The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity by Edwene Gaines. It is a life-changing book for those ready to be prosperous.


Look at all those hats!

Look at all those hats!

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    We live in a world where the bully is treated like a rock star and it teaches us to bully our way to the top. Games like musical chairs are teaching us that the winner is awesome for aggressively knocking down all the other children to get his/her last chair. All the children rush over to the winning child for high-fives, jumping over the sad second place child on the ground and completely ignoring any factors that play into the game, “It is cool, he/she won!” If you don't bully, you won't win. 


    Now is not a time to celebrate the bully. It is high time to share the abundance, replacing our scarcity mindset with a sharing gifting mindset. When we share the abundance we grow our prosperity. We create our abundance through our mindset and we can share that mindset by sharing our abundance. It is a positive feedback loop, the gift that keeps on giving.

    It is time for a serious paradigm-shift towards an abundance worldview. Without this shift in mentality, the world we live in will feel scarce, because we created it to feel that way. Everything is only what you think it is. It is all in your mind, and when you fully realize it, you can go beyond your insecurities.  

    Remember this mantra and repeat daily: I am safe, I am abundant, I have everything I need right now.

     If you don't believe it, just keep repeating it and eventually, you will grow to feel it, even if it takes awhile. 

    With so much love and gratitude

    The Snarky Spiritualist  


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    Scarcity Mindset in Coaches

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