Why Going on Retreats Simply Doesn't Work

The breeze flows as you sit and watch the sunrise over a beautiful blue ocean. Feeling whole, you breath more profoundly than the last ten years witnessing totality while you tell yourself, "When I get home, things will be different, I am going to do things to serve me. " Only days later to return home to a stack of bills waiting for you, clothes to clean, a house to deal clean, maybe even pets or children, a job and life creeps in becoming an overwhelming mess all over again. You ask yourself, what did that retreat, vacation, trip do for me other than just create another bill for me to pay. 

 The Retreat Sunset, the Instagram favorite. 

The Retreat Sunset, the Instagram favorite. 

This is the unforgiving cycle of vacations, retreats, or anything that is separating you from your day to day lifestyle. These are false moments to separate the joy that is lacking in the life you live in the moment. The truth is if you want to have things less stressful at home you gotta do the work to make that happen at home. Stepping away from stress is good to do when things are toxic and not conducive, but if that is the case I would tell you never to go back either! 

At some point after working retreats and going to them I noticed the pattern in others and in myself. It is much easier to do four hours of yoga a day when my only practice in life is yoga for the month. There was four areas I found when evenly balanced created optimal happiness and health; mind, body, emotion, and intuition. I then realized I could shift the cycle by doing two main things in my life.

1. Creating a life I want to live every moment in where balance with exercise, nutritional practices, spiritual growth, and work is a part of my routine. This practice was already in effect at the time. 

2. Create a program for others to be able to find this in their own lives as well.

After about five years worth of thought, different modalities and practices, and educational/spiritual enrichment, I have came to two new conclusions.

1. Creating this life is constant work, but work that is totally worth it. I find I am balanced in one area and working on balancing the rest most of the time. It is a great practice, though and I wouldn't have it any other way.

2. There is no exact program for anyone, being that everyone is unique in what their needs are and their lifestyles. So I created an IN-House retreat with my fiance, where we developed a specified program for each client that can include; massages, meditations, ayurveda nutrition, yoga, martial arts, empowerment coaching, energy-work, business/time management, strategic development and essentially everything but cooking the food for them. Through both of our backgrounds we have the ability to host a program that enables people to revamp their lifestyle to make space for balance, which is essentially happiness. 

 A Bathroom window of a friend's here in San Miguel. Quiet an IN-house retreat itself. 

A Bathroom window of a friend's here in San Miguel. Quiet an IN-house retreat itself. 

It feels magical being able to facilitate this change and witness transformations. I am grateful for this practice. I urge everyone to relook into your daily life instead of waiting for the next vacation have a bit of relief. It is important to find happiness in your work/home life and have the support network to fulfill emotional and spiritual needs. These needs are something every human deserves. If you're not gifted these needs daily or weekly ask yourself what is it that makes you feel you do not deserve what you want? 

If you are curious about our Remote Empowerment Coaching or IN-house retreats, please don't hesitate to contact us! For a bit more information, check out our empowerment program page. http://indigowarriorlife.com/empowerment-program/ We would love to tell you more be a part of your transformational journey to success and happiness. 

Infinite love and Gratitude

The Snarky Spiritualist 

Brook Woolf