Mindful Modern Nomad, Empowerment Coach, Emotional Body Mapping Coach/Teacher, LMT. 

Always knowing I wanted to make a positive impact on the world since my childhood. I wilfully started in the field of nonprofit management and founded a 3 story non-profit community center at 22 years of age. After seven years of art school and studying all around the world, I began in my own backyard of the west side of Chicago. Even though I was able to support 22 free/donation based programs, I felt stuck in an administrative role and not doing the work that was soul-fulfilling.  

I quickly began studying more bodywork and healing principles and modalities. I wanted to feel that true connection and be a witness to powerful transformations and not behind the desk or fundraising as it was happening. 

I can happily say that my dreams came true with both my mindset and strategic empowerment coaching and with my bodywork and emotional body mapping teaching. I feel I am finally fully able to be there every step of the way with my client's needs and be a witness to the process. I have been able to facilitate amazing body transformations, business transformations, and mindset transformations that have changed my clients' lives forever.

I am grateful to say that I have friendships and adore each one of my clients I have been able to facilitate as well. I finally found the passion that successfully drives me everyday. 

Through a structured system of facilitating clear and articulate training I am able to give a roadmap to get you where you are going versus taking the scary unknown and unmarked trail. 

 Brook Woolf and Fran Cresswell


  • Founded and Ran a 3 story Nonprofit with 22 programs, 5 partnership agencies and a 500k annual budget from starting at 22 years of age. 
  • Studied multiple religions, trained since childhood in multiple healing modalities such as; tarot, psychic development, NLP, hynotherapy, astral projection, and shamanic journeying. 
  • Lifestyle learner that has been in school for some training every year since age five or teaching/running a school ;) Essentially, obsessed with learning and constantly growing skills and gifts.
  • Built my own tiny home with my partner. 
  • Been artist of the year for sustainable art in Chicago. 
  • Lead hundreds of clients through transformations that allowed them to live a healthier and happier life. 
  • I have been credited by Van Jones as a leader in today's society of facilitators making positive changes in our world. 

Other Credentials: B.F.A., Yoga Teacher Trained, LMT, Ayurveda and Chinese Nutrition, 2000hours of Thai Massage, Osteothai, Chi Nei Tsang, Founder of Emotional Body Mapping.

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