Emotional Body Mapping, What is it?: How the Physical Body is Connected to Emotions.

Emotional Body Mapping

So, if you are new to this blog then you do not already know that I teach a course called *emotional body mapping, as well as continue to see clients that are looking to release old physical trauma through connecting to their emotional roots.  For those that have been on this blog, but are curious about my program, here are some details about the empowerment course and what it REALLY is about. 

Ever get that heartache from a breakup that literally hurt in your body? How about so nervous that you had a physical reaction like nausea? Ever have a job that made you feel literally heavier like you were carrying bricks on your shoulders?

What if I told you that your pain was real and it was REALLY CONNECTED to your feelings?

We have catch-phrases we use and subconsciously ignore the direct correlation between our bodies' ability to hold emotions and store in our physical being. For example, "butterflies in the stomach" or "carrying the weight of the world", and yet we rarely allow ourselves to actualize how our emotions are literally playing a role in our nervous system and the common behaviors and responses to certain triggers.

What if there are ways of maintaining our physical triggers/pain and creating a resolution, but it may start with admitting to our emotional fears, anxieties, sadness, and anger first, would you be willing to make the first baby step?  Just like the swimmingly brilliant AA program, it is an admittance that we are holding emotions in the first step in releasing, shifting, and creating a new path to take us on our journey of life.  


Your Body Speaks

Even when you are not listening.

Coming from a background in healing-both in massage and nutritional- I have seen the reoccurring client with the same physical pain come in repeatedly and results not being accomplished purely by focusing on the physical aspects of the pain. After years of the practice and a natural desire to see success stories, I started to investigate my client's emotional responses to their physical pain. I had them repeat certain affirmations that could release the emotional trauma and immediately started seeing breakthrough after breakthrough happen effortlessly and gratitude being poured into the process. 

Our intention is EVERYTHING! 

So, just the same if you do not connect to your emotions or you do not have a desire to connect to the emotional root of your physical pain, this work is not for you. However, if you are open to this it can be taught and empowering. 

I have seen people who could not lift their arms walk out of the room after two or three sessions lifting their arms over their head effortlessly.

I have seen people who were in and out of doctors and taking 8 pain pills a day stop after our first session.

It wasn't my massage, it wasn't any physical exercise I gave them or the nutrition practices I helped them newly instill.

It was connecting their emotional body to their nervous system and allowing them to do the powerful release that was necessary for the REAL transformation.

If you want to know more about how to heal through emotional body mapping or how to become a facilitator please watch these 3 videos that break it down even more!

Click here to watch the first video in the 3-part series of Emotional Body Mapping. 

If they end up exciting you I have an even thorough investigation into each body part for you to start salivating and beginning to understand the map. I am currently writing the book!

Although, for now, I hope this will wet your palette of seeing a new way of looking at your health and wellness and the focus it takes to find balance in both your emotions and your body. 

So, I will leave you with this... where do you feel pain in your body?

Talk soon from your Snarky Spiritualist,

Brook Woolf



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