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From Mindful Modern Nomad to Emotional Body Mapping Coach

Have you ever had a moment in your business when you felt like a fraud or weren’t living up to your full potential? As a holistic coach for the Mindful Modern Nomad, I work with clients on a daily basis to support them in overcoming their fears and being in alignment with their desires through my method of Emotional Body Mapping. So you can imagine what it was like when I had my own stark realization that I myself wasn’t practicing what I coach. 

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Being a Coach Doesn't Mean I Have it Figured Out; Why hire a coach?!

Being a coach doesn't mean I live struggle-free. In fact, it just means I see my struggles more clearly! This article explores the reasons being why you would hire a coach and things to look out for before going down that rabbit hole of guidance. 

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Emotional Body Mapping-pain relief and medical intuition.

What if there are ways of maintaining our physical triggers/pain and creating a resolution, but it may start with admitting to our emotional fears, anxieties, sadness, and anger first, would you be willing to make the first baby step?

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