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In order to be able to really understand the deep transformative quality of confidence it serves to look at what happens to the human body when we are functioning without confidence. Confidence and insecurity/lack of confidence can be seen in multiple places within the body, both internally and externally. If insecurity lingers for longer periods of time the more it affects organ systems and other aspects of the central nervous system.

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Emotions Underlying Physical Pain: A Breakdown of How and Where Emotions Manifest in the Body

Our emotions are not separate from our body as our body is not separate from our emotions, but often we try to compartmentalize these two parts of ourselves and work on the self-care aspect of these while negating their close proximity. Most often it is the repeat mini-traumas that we store in our body unconsciously unaware that they are holding tension.

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Emotional Body Mapping: A Medical Intuitive Online Course

Have you wanted to start a holistic home based business where you can do remote healing work comfortably and effectively? Have you listened deeply to your emotional body and intuitively recognized the pain as root traumas? Have you been able to effectively heal yourself or others?  There are simple steps to help others connect to the root of their emotional body and allow self healing to activate.

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