Emotions Underlying Physical Pain: A Breakdown of How and Where Emotions Manifest in the Body

Emotions underlying physical pain.png

Our emotions are not separate from our body as our body is not separate from our emotions, but often we try to compartmentalize these two parts of ourselves and work on the self-care aspect of these while negating their close proximity. Our nervous system is a well-oiled machine that connects to all of our systems in the body and directly connects to our responses to trauma, both big and small in our lives.

Most often it is the repeat mini-traumas that we store in our body unconsciously unaware that they are holding tension as they are micro-aggressions, or mini lapses in personal judgement, or things that we simply see as ‘normal’ in our lives until someone or something points out that it is not necessary for the mini pain to exist, whether or not it is an emotional, physical or mental pain.

When we take in these traumas into our body they are then transmitted and stored and can manifest a number of ways causing physical distress as well as emotional and mental distress in the body. The longer the pain has manifested, the more common it is to become something ‘chronic’ or more severe and requires multiple tools in order to clear the tension.

Step one, however, to heal anything is to empower yourself and to become aware of the ‘what’ that is going on in your body so that you can do something about it. If you don’t know, then there is nothing that you can do. We are still learning about our own body’s and hearts everyday. There is so much to unravel and it is a lifelong process. We are not here to judge ourselves, but instead to continue learning and growing and expanding.

I hope this list below brings some insight into your own body and what may be some of the underlying emotional reasons for your physical distress.


Over-thinking, worrying (also related to spleen), can also create jaw tension if over-thinking creates grinding teeth and insomnia. ‘Trying to figure it all out’ versus learning how to have trust or faith in something working out. Letting go of personal expectations.

jaw tension


Minor Anger, Taking on the role of the ‘savior’ or helper/sucking it up. Not speaking up for oneself, not speaking authentically. Afraid of judgement/self-judgement. Difficulty connecting or asking for needs.


‘Shouldering’ the weight of the world. Savior complex. People-pleaser/drained doing it for everyone. Taking care of someone in life that does not serve them/enabling bad behaviors. Helping too much and not taking care of self/ feeling used.

Chest (heart)/midback

Loss. Front of chest is heart-ache, loneliness and lack of feeling loved/self-love. Back of body is more related to independence/separation and feeling a void/imbalance. Rejection.


Making space for self-care, self-love. Not feeling like there is ‘enough’ time for self. Not feeling like anyone cares. Holding anger/breath. Regret.


Imbalance between giving and receiving. Most common to over-give and not know how to ask for help or give authentically. Giving with hoping for something in return. Not asking for help because they feel they will owe someone something. Not feeling deserving enough/good enough.


Anger. Difficulty finding healthy ways to express boundaries. Sugar/alcohol/food consumption ends up becoming a coping mechanism to create a short-lived moment of joy. Difficulty finding moments of joy in personal creation. Anger/boundaries/self-preservation.


Related to the liver. Relationships to disgust, judgement, depreciation.


Overworker, overdoer, over-committed. Feeling obligated based off of societal and cultural learned beliefs versus trusting what serves the heartmind. Anxiety and fear. Fear of change, lack of knowing ‘how’ or ‘what’ may happen. Fear of not being liked or wanted. The stomach is considered the ‘second brain’ and can be the central point for a lot of other varying diseases and illness. Ulcers can be a representation of the inner judgement ‘biting’ from the stomach.

trauma stored in body

The stomach is considered the ‘second brain’ and can be the central point for a lot of other varying diseases and illness.


The large intestine is the storing of our inner ‘chi’/Hara/energy center and can store unexpressed fear, anger, and a loss of innocence.


Flow and the connection to the adrenals. Fight or Flight complex/nervous systems. Alkalizes entire body and cleans the blood. Trauma is stored here that connects deeply with fear from the outside world. This can be from abuse, surgery, illness as a child, allergies, and auto-immune diseases.


Flow and sexuality. Anger linked with sexuality and boundaries.

Right Hip/ low back pain

Safety and holding onto guilt. Safety in relation to money and finances often. Low back, not feeling supported, lack of trust or faith in friends, family, or religion/God/spirituality.

Left Hip

Safety in relationship to sexuality and boundaries. Speaking one’s truth and learning an authentic voice and neck/ear/nose/throat diseases happen quite often in conjunction with this area of the body-especially in women.

Sexual Organs

Anger against the opposite sex and issues related to birth, sex, abortion, rape, fear, guilt, anger stored from ex-partners.


Vulnerability and difficult to feel comfortable with change. Lack of protection/safety regarding resilience.


Feelings of being stuck in life. Immobile. Not able to leave job, partnership, location. Feeling victim to life.


Connected with Ankles and movement as well as connection to grounding and earthliness. Feeling rooted and present in making clear and concise decisions from a logical centered space when healthy. When in pain one may not feel grounded and often indecisive. Dust is in the air in life when it comes to transitions happening and inability to build a healthy routine. Not feeling like there is ever ‘enough’/ time/space/money/love/skills/resources…


Trying to control everything and contain everything. Not happy with how things are so creating a layer between one’s surroundings and self. Over-control and lack of trust. Lacking spiritual faith. Trying to use logic and reason too often instead of emotions and intuition.

So, There is a good list for you to start with through the emotional body map. This is a list predominantly on the blockages of this area if there were pain existing. For a deeper analysis I will slowly be writing blog-posts to break down each one of these areas and what the body part does both scientifically and spiritually/emotionally in order for you to have a better representation of where to go next.

I also will be creating an affirmation/mantra infographic with this list and a few more that will be offered alongside a VIP Self-Care Probono/Donation-based workshop I will be running at the end of January on the 27th, at 8.30pm CST.

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Emotional body mapping is effective and easy to understand because it begins with you! It begins by trusting your own powerful intuition and being guided by the tangible body that is communicating directly to you and your needs. 

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