Emotional Body Mapping: A Medical Intuitive Online Course

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EMotional Body Mapping

A medical Intuitive online course

Have you wanted to start a holistic home based business where you can do remote healing work comfortably and effectively? Have you listened deeply to your emotional body and intuitively recognized the pain as root traumas? Have you been able to effectively heal yourself or others?  There are simple steps to help others connect to the root of their emotional body and allow self healing to activate. You have the power to facilitate this remarkable healing modality.

Emotional Body Mapping is an emotional healing course that takes you on a journey through your own life and brings your closer to your own power of your personalized intuition. Through a multiple step practice you will be able to understand an entire emotional body pain chart and be able to easily recognize patterns and behaviors in your future soulmate clients. Emotional body mapping is simple yet highly effective.

After years of different studies I slowly realized that the skills I have gained created this new version of being a medical intuitive. And, because it combines so many principles of healing in one practice it can be used in conjunction with so many styles of healing practices. I have seen movement therapists, body workers, energy workers, reiki, tarot, psychologists, and medical doctors take the work that I teach them and integrate it easily into their already existing practices.

Heal the mind

Emotional Body Mapping is an emotional healing course that takes you on a journey through your own life and brings your closer to your own power of your personalized intuition.


Anyone who has awareness of tension in their body and can connect to visualizations. If these two things are difficult for people this emotional healing course may not be the best approach. I am a firm believer that no healing work is for everyone AND there is something for everyone out in the world. It is important to realize as well, that Emotional Body Mapping works best when the client continues with the practitioner for some time and does lifestyle changes alongside the work to continue the reprogramming process.

If you feel like you are taking shots in the dark to get the mental or physical wellness in your life to be happy then this is the practice for you. It is simple, it makes sense, and it is possible for you to use these steps over and over for unlimited success results.

Who serves to learn Emotional Body Mapping?

If you are drained in your business and feel like you are overworking and trying everything to grow a mass following or attract the ‘perfect’ clients, then this is for you. When you learn how to listen to your body, you begin speaking to the right people and re-falling in love with your practice.

medical intuitive

There are so many reasons to learn this practice and very few not to grow this knowledge in your body.


Emotionally Body Mapping brings more success in business by honoring your choices and knowing when to slow down and take care of your needs. i.e. make more money, gain more clients, and do less work more efficiently.

Want our self-care unicorn emotional body mapping kit?

If you feel you are missing something in your practice that connects it all together and you don’t feel confident in your intuitive practice. If you feel you are doing too much to get to the results that you want with your clients then this is a great practice for you. If you have a physical practice and you want to start having a holistic online healing practice, then this is for you!

There are so many reasons to learn this practice and very few not to grow this knowledge in your body.



Many doctors and psychiatrists can leave you with more questions and less answers. Know your thoughts and feelings as if they are as simple as reading a book, heal your heart and learn self healing by speaking the language of your body.

This is the first book ever written on Emotional Body Mapping by the creator of this powerful and easily comprehensible self-care healing technique. She has helped thousands of people through their own trauma clearing technique and now she is here to help you. Louise Hay gracefully stated, “We are each responsible for all of our experiences.”  This book rips open the mind and delves deep into the root traumas that are stored in our body and teach us how to heal our trauma, build an abundance mindset, and live a healthy routine lifestyle of self care practices.

This is your life, take your power back and heal yourself today. Emotional Body Mapping  shows you how to access the magical healing powers we all have within.


Emotional Body Mapping is remote healing work that is healing trauma, creating an abundance mindset, and is here to help create a self-care practice for you. If you have are interested in our emotional healing courses, intuitive online courses, or to build a holistic home based business, this community of coaches and facilitators is here to encourage your healthy routine into success.

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Your body speaks, learn the language today! For a limited time there will be a combo offer for those who want to learn the healing modality and build an online business that’s a fraction of 1:1 work that I do! Crazy right?!

Become a practitioner and have a business going in 8 weeks!


Infinite love and gratitude,

Brook Woolf

Your future Emotional Body Mapping Coach.

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