Self-Love on Valentine's, Emotional Body Mapping Style ;)

Your Body is your temple

Very often February and around Valentine’s we can be more focused on outward desires of love than the internal burning flame of our own love candle. This adds pressure and can make feeling good start to feel quite helpless and energetically draining. Self-love comes in many forms and many expressions. As an emotional body mapper, I run into clients and even have butted into my own neurosis from time to time and served to remember a few things during the darkness of insecurity. It is normal to forget our magic and get lost in the noise of commercialism and culture. It happens so we can remember again and again.

What to remember during this month:

  1. You don’t have to do anything to deserve love, especially SELF-LOVE.

    Everyone deserves love. It is not contractual. That means you don’t have to prove yourself to deserve happiness, joy, space, commitment to self, health, time, or anything else in your life that will fulfill you. So often we are taught the award system as children that we forget that love is meant to be a reward, it is for everyone and for all times. There is no time or place where love is not welcome. Don’t wait for a moment to love yourself, put it on the calendar! Put you in the calendar as much as the tasks that you feels serve to get done for your sanity that week/month.

There is no time or place where love is not welcome

There is no time or place where love is not welcome.

2. Self-love looks different for everyone.

Using the commercial guides of baths and splurging on something may not be your way of loving you. Finding your own love language is crucial in knowing how to love yourself well. Have you ever looked into the five love languages? Have you considered this is how you give yourself love. For me, my two highest love languages are acts of service and physical touch. So, because of this doing something nice for myself and receiving massage are two things I make sure I get at least 2x a month to keep my energy aligned and my self-care in check.

love languages

Finding your own love language is crucial in knowing how to love yourself well.

3. Defining yourself through your own concepts, feelings and thoughts versus comparison of others’ judgements and discernments.

Comparison is a bitch and often gets in the way of your true love for yourself. No one person fits into any ‘normal’ box and we barely know ourselves most of the time, so comparing is truly a dangerous place to be. It is really easy during this holiday to look at someone else’s life and wish or think that is the life you want/feel that you don’t have. However, the more you look at what you don’t have the less clear it is to see the magical unicorn love that you do have. You are magical in so many ways and it is for you to know this so that you can share that with confidence and joy.

4. Your Cup of Love is Refillable by You and there is always enough.

It is not others that fill your cup of love as even love itself is a reflection of the beauty that you can see within. Remembering that is you, the powerful creator, that gets to fill your cup to the abundance of love. AND, that there is always enough love to go around for you. Since love is infinite and we are in essence bits of love, then we can always refill from the source! As long as you practice ways to connect you can feel that abundance at all times. Self-gratitude journals, meditation practices, and consistent positive affirmations and mantras help remind us of our beauty and magic.

cup of love

Fill your cup to the abundance of love.

5. Being sad or lonely doesn’t mean you don’t love yourself.

We all have down days, days it is not as easy to feel good and loss and grief are very real and powerful emotions. One day or even one week of sad emotions does not meant that is your entire being. We live in moments of ever-changing feelings and emotions that get to run through us without feeling compounded to define ourselves by these emotions. You are the creator of your life as much as the person that defines yourself by what you want to be defined as. All emotions are allowed and beautiful and all emotions make you the whole human that you are.

feeling good emotions

All emotions are allowed and beautiful and all emotions make you the whole human that you are.

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