Body Affirmations: Help Your Body Feel Good

Your Body is your temple

Your Body is your temple

Last time I wrote about Emotions underlying physical pain and how emotions manifest in your body.

When we are in pain, feel sad or exhausted for any reason,

it’s not only our mind that would benefit from affirmative thoughts. Our body is our temple and we serve to respect and nurture it with kind words.

I’m sure you already heard about the experiment where two plants were placed in a room.

People coming into the room should only say kind and uplifting words to one plant, but only disrespectful words to the other plant.

After a while, the plant that got no love, no kind words at all, withered. The other plant was growing and looking even better than before the experiment.

So, when even plants benefit from kindness, it surely means it is also possible to use helpful affirmations for our bodies.

If you are having chronic pain and can’t find the source of it - well, the source might be your not expressed emotions. This is why I created 24 body affirmations which are going to help your body and your emotional state.


Nurture your body

with words of kindness



I am grounded knowing I have everything I need right here and right now. I love me wholely and completely.


I am flexible in my being because I feel connected to my inner trust and knowingness.

Affirmation for ankles


I am flexible in my being because I feel connected to my inner trust and knowingness.


I am free to do whatever I want. My life is my choice and I am comfortable stepping into the unknown.


I am supported by my own trust in myself. I am fully able to stand tall in my power.

Left Hip

I am flow. I am safe. As long as I know I am always connected to the infinite love and gratitude of the universe I know no one can hurt me. I am full and complete exactly as I am right here and right now.

affirmation for hips

Right Hip

I am safe. I trust I am supported and connected. I honor it is not knowing the how but focusing on my desires. The more I connect to my desires, the more they manifest in my life.

Low Back

I am supported by the universe at all times. I am flow and money flows freely for me. I honor that I am not alone and I am safe in this process even when I don’t understand it.

Sexual Organs

I trust my own flow and path and speak my truth. No one can take my power from me as I can always refill from the infinite source of love and gratitude.


My love and trust overcomes my fear. I am successful exactly as I am right now. I am enough exactly as I am.



It is okay to be angry. My anger allows me to be a witness to my morals and values. I honor this flow and speak my truth with love. My joy is on the other side of my anger. I have power when I honor all versions of myself.


I no longer need to prove myself to anyone anymore and my worries melt away. I trust and feel deeply and release all doubt and overwork. I am free when I allow trust to lead my path.

Adrenal Glands

I don’t have to run away or fight any longer, I can just be. I am safe. I AM LOVE. I Love when I honor what my body wants.


I am flowing safely and honor my flow in all ways. When I shift directions with ease it is my choice and my strength.


I breath deeply into my abundance and my love. I am enough when I feel the power of my connection to everything.


I stand tall knowing I am powerful and confident. I am everything that allows me to flow through life connected to all the skills and resources I have created. I honor that whatever I have not created comes to me as I am connected to everything that serves me.



What serves me serves everyone. It is okay to ask for help. I honor that love can feel good to receive as well as to give. I deserve everything I want.


I can walk away from what no longer serves me. I am independent and confident. I am supercharged by my own magic.


Their shit, not my shit. I am allowed to say no whenever it serves me. I no longer take on obligation and only do what serves me as I know it is what serves everyone. My responsibility is being the best version of myself possible. *If it's left shoulder very often its women in your life that you are taking on their burdens, and if it's right shoulder it is very often men. You can add “I don’t have to take care of her/him anymore” depending on who you are currently enabling/helping that is not effective/draining in your life.


I release the tension that no longer serves me. I know I am connected to my body and I honor listening inward and making choices. I make choices when I trust my inner wisdom.


I speak my truth and honor my voice. I am allowed to say everything that serves me knowing that I speak through love. What serves me serves everyone. I feel deeply and I share this fully.


It is not for me to know how, just what I want and honor that it will and can happen everyday. I trust my body and my heart. I trust the universe and all its gifts. I have faith in the connection that I have with everything. I don’t have to do it all, I can release and trust.


I allow myself to walk away from what no longer serves me. I allow myself to surround myself with joy without guilt. I honor that I see what serves me and I can walk towards that with ease and grace.

eyes and sight affirmation

I honor that I see what serves me and I can walk towards that with ease and grace.


I honor my boundaries. I can walk away whenever I want and whenever it serves me. I can do only what serves me with grace and ease. I am willing to let go and trust my faith.


I cannot control everything and that is okay. I am stronger when I trust my choices and honor the natural flow of the universal connection. I am not alone. I have the infinite love and gratitude to allow me to feel full and complete at all times. Keeping it together means trusting the process.

I also will be creating an affirmation/mantra infographic with this list and a few more that will be offered alongside a VIP Self-Care Pro Bono/Donation-based Workshop I will be running at the end of January on the 27th, at 8.30pm CST.

Are you an empath, holistic business owner,  or service based practitioner working on your own self-care practice?

Learn some easy daily steps that can get you to access self care quickly and effectively. You can use this both for you and your clients. 

In this class you will learn:

1. Simple daily practices on how to begin and end your day with intention.
2. Learn the basics of the emotional body map to better understand what you body is saying to you. 
3.  Receive a worksheet of affirmations and mantras that you can use in conjunction with your new knowledge and immediately start clearing old traumas and blocks that have been manifesting for years! 

Emotional body mapping is effective and easy to understand because it begins with you! It begins by trusting your own powerful intuition and being guided by the tangible body that is communicating directly to you and your needs. 

I cannot wait to see you there! 

For more information and how to register please join the Facebook group and you can donate and register below by clicking the donate button and then putting your name in the Registration.


And here are all 24 Affirmations For The Body in one place, grab it ;)

24 Body Affirmations



I can happily say that my dreams came true with both my mindset and holistic business coaching and with my bodywork and emotional body mapping teaching. I feel I am finally fully able to be there every step of the way with my client's needs and be a witness to the process.

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