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Confidence in Authentic Marketing: Clarity in Communication

The more you are clear with WHO you are here to SERVE and the BIG WHAT AND WHY that you are here to do, the less you are mumbling through your personal skill-sets and qualifications and trying to prove to yourself and others you are worthy of the career path you have chosen.

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Body Affirmations: Help Your Body Feel Good

When we are in pain, feel sad or exhausted for any reason,

it’s not only our mind that would benefit from affirmative thoughts. Our body is our temple and we serve to respect and nurture it with kind words.
If you are having chronic pain and can’t find the source of it - well, the source might be your not expressed emotions. This is why I created 24 body affirmations which are going to help your body and your emotional state.

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Money Manifestation in 2019: 4 Most Common Mistakes that are Stopping your Heartfelt Business Making Money

How are you currently asking and manifesting money in your current business? This blog post aims to give some insight into some things you may be currently doing that essentially harming your business and your abundance. Don’t worry, I was there once too, a martyr with my gifts because I thought that was the ethical thing to do. Find out the most common mistakes about money wit when being a heartfelt business.

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9 Spiritual Rituals for Money and Prosperity

This is a holistic guide that could possibly turn your life around and you could begin having abundant success in your life. Instead of living everyday in a scarcity-mindset, start shifting that self-sabotage and become blessed with your wealth.

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What causes self-sabotaging behavior and 5 strategies to stop doing it!

What causes self-sabotaging behavior? It is really easy to buy that gym membership and never use it. But, there are ways to avoid the self-sabotage and here are 5 strategies to get you started on your road to success. 

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Thoughts on abundance and the Feminine/Masculine Balance Philosophizing in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

What if you chose happiness instead of negativity? What if you chose collaboration instead of doing it all alone? What would your life look like? 

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