Money Manifestation in 2019: 4 Most Common Mistakes that are Stopping your Heartfelt Business Making Money

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Does the word sales make you feel icky inside? Does it feel inauthentic? How are you currently asking and manifesting money in your current business? This blog-post aims to give some insight into some things you may be currently doing that essentially harming your business and your abundance. Don’t worry, I was there once too, a martyr with my gifts because I thought that was the ethical thing to do. While, in turn, it stopped me from being able to share my gift to more people and do it more effectively because most of the time I was too tired or doing something else to make the money/worrying about money too much to do my career gracefully and wholeheartedly.

The Most Common Mistakes when being a new Heartfelt Business

Not charging enough for your time and value.

At the beginning of building a holistic business very often I see people practically giving away their work. They are ‘beta-testing’ or not feeling comfortable asking for big numbers because they believe their clients would not pay for it or that they are not allowed. They feel it is wrong to get money for doing good things that they enjoy, so they take on secondary jobs that have nothing to do with their passion. This ends up draining most of my clients in the past. They end up not having the time or energy to do what they were meant to be doing in the world and end up resenting the work that they first loved so much. This is not a path that you want to go down. Don’t be afraid to charge high prices for your time/value of your transformation. Of course, you can also offer free content of value to build an audience and show that you are not in this for the money, but money is what is going to support you in the end with being able to do what you are meant to be doing on this planet!

Not asking for money ever/feeling bad.

I feel like I answered this one in the previous section, however, remember that this is what you are meant to be doing. You are not meant to be surviving. You are meant to be thriving so that you can share the abundance when your cup is full. When we give/do our job with an empty cup- drained and exhausted- we end up resenting our business, become desperate, take clients that are not ideal, and start acting out of fear instead of love. Remember what got you into this was because you love it. Remember to constantly connect to the ‘why’ in your business when you are first beginning or if you are at a point of breaking.

money manifestation mistakes

You are not meant to be surviving. You are meant to be thriving so that you can share the abundance when your cup is full.

Comparing yourself with people in your field too much.

There is no real such thing as comparing. We are truly all unique and individual snowflakes. So, stop comparing yourself to people in your field, it only leads to judgement of self or others. It is a way of separating and not connecting. If you are trying to attract money and clients then anything that creates a mindset of separation with only take you further from your potential clients and customers.


Avoiding putting yourself out there in fear of Imposter Syndrome.

Everyone that is doing something right and is successful in some ways has imposter syndrome. I know I fight with mine all the time! I remember when I first started to declare myself an Emotional Body Mapper I was so nervous I was going to be judged and attacked for starting something without having credentials in medicine or ‘enough’ education. I still am surprised when other people in my field honor my work and still have humbling moments that remind me how we are all fighting with this symptom. The more you know, the more you know how much you don’t know. If you are someone like me, then you are a lifestyle learner and always looking for ways to grow and expand. That is great, that means you care. That means that if you got a challenging client, you would do your research and not give up very easily. That means you are far from an imposter. Remember, imposter means you are faking that you care/have something of value. You are providing a sales in a field that you know and care compassionately about and your value is worth every penny.

Fear of Imposter syndrome

Remember, imposter means you are faking that you care/have something of value. You are providing a sales in a field that you know and care compassionately about and your value is worth every penny.

Ways to switch from rejecting new clients and money to manifesting and building abundance in 2019


Remember call-to-actions in your social media posts and to ask people to contact you and work with you! It is okay to ask for people to connect as this is your life’s passion and your life’s mission. It does not mean you are forcing anyone or making anyone do anything without their free will. You are merely reminding people that you take this seriously and you are available for them.

Do live videos and tell your story on social media.

When you tell your story you are connecting to your perfect soulmate clients. We are not here for everyone as heartfelt businesses and there are different styles of people in our fields for this very reason. The more you tell your story and your personal transformation, the more you are connecting to people authentically with your personal voice. You got into your career because of reasons that are honorable and true to your story and your personal journey. Learn how to share that story and feel confident that you have learned a lot along your path.

Live videos in general help people feel comfortable and connected. However, if videos really are not your way of connecting, start blogging and creating long posts in social media. Find your way of connecting to people through your story and through your style. Don’t be afraid to be specific. The more specific you are the better. Which leads me to…

Stop Comparing yourself, you are unique!

You don’t have to even look at anyone else in your field. Comparing is a very dangerous road to go down and doesn’t help anyone. Realize that your journey has taken you on a very specific path and you are here to help those that you can empathize with as well. The more that you connect with these people the bigger the transformation you have to offer.

There are clients and people at every price point out there for you that truly empathize with your story and that you can help.

Set clear pricing. (Even if one of them is donation/pro-bono)

You don’t go to a doctor and ask for a deal, so don’t break when people ask for deals with your product or service. Hold strength to the value of your transformation and own the magic that you offer. Have a main item/service that you are focusing on in one clear direction that is for a specific market. Don’t flip around so much, even if you have a lot of different offers make sure you are focusing on one at a time or people will get confused on where to go.

I hope this helps you switch some of the light-bulbs of manifestation in your life currently. If you are looking for an even bigger boost, I am offering a pro-bono donation online workshop/webinar on money manifestation on January 13th at 9am EST.

If you are a service based freelancer or have products that are heartfelt, this workshop is for you. 
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Please and thank you! See you there!

Brook Woolf

Holistic Business Coach and Creator of Emotional Body Mapping

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