10 things to do In San Miguel de Allende, Mexico on a Whim

San Miguel de Allende is known as the luxury spot of delicious fancy food and art in Mexico. But, that doesn't mean there aren't amazingly beautiful and delicious things at your fingertips you can do on a budget. Here are ten to start you out with; 


Going to the movies is two dollars a person at the local theater. Plus all the extras goodies are 2 dollars a piece and they have a coffee shop, sandwich shop, and desert shop all at the cinema! 


Get them fresh for one dollar for three churros. Or stuffed with goat caramel, Nutella, or chocolate. 

Farmers Markets

They are super affordable here and a spectacular of music performances and get organic lamb burgers for 6 dollars:)


As a professional in this field, massage, getting a real genuine massage here is cheap! Usually, an hour and a half massage is 30 bucks. That is them coming to your home too, which is the best, because who wants to leave after a massage?! (Also all salon treatments. from waxing to mani/pedi, is half of what you pay in the states, so treat yourself!)                                                  

Coffee Time

If you are a coffee snob like me you will pay extra for your good coffee. Even the nicest places charge no more than 2 dollars a cup for a latte, Japanese Siphon, aero press, French press, etc.

Two for One Deals

Every local bar has a night where you not only receive a two for one but also a tapas meal included. It usually is about four bucks to have some food and drinks in your belly:) Milagros is one of my staple bars for this type of deal.

Gallery Openings

Since it's an art town there are always openings. An as an art school kid I know that means wine and snacks... Oh, and art too!

Dance classes. Free salsa classes every Tuesday & Thursday @Hacienda

Billiards. Charged by the hour and it's 3 bucks for a table, ridiculous!

Toy Museum.  Two dollars and adorable and amazing simultaneously.


A tree of life... beautifully adorned, found while walking the streets of San Miguel.

A tree of life... beautifully adorned, found while walking the streets of San Miguel.

So there it is! Your 10 awesome things to do in San Miguel de Allende that you didn't even have to think about. Tomorrow. I am taking a bus to Guadalajara and then to Puerto Vallarta and the coast for my birthday. I won't have a blog for a week or so but I promise awesome tips on traveling through Mexico and the coast when I return. For now, follow our IG https://www.instagram.com/emotional.body.mapping/  as I will be taking beautiful pictures and posting some teasers along the way. 

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