Confidence in Authentic Marketing: Clarity in Communication

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Quite often we as facilitators, service providers, healers and creators have difficulty in confidence in our business.

It can show up most often in three ways.

1. Taking risks/investing/hiring

2. Talking about ourselves/promoting/marketing

3. Selling!!

In all three of these cases the key is clarity.

The more you are clear with WHO you are here to SERVE and the BIG WHAT AND WHY that you are here to do, the less you are mumbling through your personal skill-sets and qualifications and trying to prove to yourself and others you are worthy of the career path you have chosen.

Let us break down the second two of these today by deepening our understanding of authentic marketing and attracting soulmate clients.

the key is clarity

The key is clarity.

Talking about ourselves/promoting and marketing

Do you find that you get almost annoyed with yourself trying to “explain what you do” to people. Feeling overwhelmed with the ridiculousness of details that you have to say to get people to understand?

Then you are already doing it all wrong, and that is why it’s draining you.

Remember you got into your career not to explain what you do. Remember the big WHY; the why you are doing what you are doing.

If you are a holistic entrepreneur or run a service based business, you know it wasn’t for the money. It was for the love of connection and to help others empower themselves in some way.

Productive marketing and authentic marketing is much like dating. Asking more questions and letting your date talk more about what is bothering them, what they dream of, and really learning about your date takes you a lot further than if you just talk about yourself. So, then why is it when we are trying to connect to our next soulmate client we find ourselves just talking about ourselves?

Why do you do what you do

The BIG WHY you do what you do also has to do with the problems that you have personally solved in your life.

Your purpose and empathy lies within connecting to the the problems that you have personally solved for yourself and connecting with people who carry similarities to you. They serve to have the same dreams and goals and aspirations. Their struggles should remind you of ones you yourself can empathize, yet still have compassion and understanding.

I personally journal/assess who I am meant to be working with and who my soulmate client is every 4-6 months. As life is nonlinear and in constant expansion, so is our business.

With that said, I sit with a journal and try to imagine if I just had one perfect client who are they and what are they struggling with. What would their dreams look like? How could I help them the most? Who is that client I would want to hang out with and spend hours with witnessing and facilitating a powerful transformation?

Simply put, what is the biggest problem that I can solve for my soulmate client?

This is what I write about the most and this is where most of my copy, blog posts, and content all can be reduced simply to connecting to the solution and the problem for my perfect soulmate client.


So here are three journal entries to do that will lead you to thousands of hours of copy and expansion.

  1. What is your soulmate client’s living hell? What is their day to day life like? What are they staying awake late at night worrying about?

  2. What is your soulmate client’s living heaven? What do they dream about and feel it’s impossible? What do they wish for in life? What is one thing that would change their life in their eyes?

  3. What is the biggest problem that you can solve for your soulmate client?

The how is not as important as you have been making it.

That is for when someone wants to know more about you. Wait for them to ask questions, take it easy on that date! I know you can get excited and want to share, but first, see what is going on right in front of you!

Selling!! The icky word ‘SALES’.

Sales is icky only when you get caught up thinking you are selling yourself, not the transformation that you are providing. Your worth is not defined by what you do but who you are, and your career and financial fortunes is about your client, not you.

On another note, selling doesn’t happen if you don’t lead people to contact you and work with you.

People need direction, and they won’t ask for something that they don’t know exists.


You are selling the transformation you are providing, and not yourself.

A simple social media post that ends with, “Message me and let’s set up a time to talk!” can easily start the conversation between you and your next client.

There are 3 ways I have seen most often holistic practitioners mess up their sales pitching and pricing.

  1. One off sessions/paid weekly

  2. Too many different categories/compartmentalizing their gifts

  3. Simply have difficulty asking people if they want to work with them/owning their business deserves money.

Emotional body mapper Brook cellphone


Stop selling one offs/charging weekly now! It is doing a disservice to your clients and your work. When people pay weekly or have one off sessions they are not committing to themselves to do the work. It is an ‘easy way out’ and a way to already fail before they try. Because we cannot actually heal anyone, help anyone, fix anyone, and they serve to fix/heal/help themselves through our facilitation, most importantly, it is up to our client’s actions to see the results they desire.  

2. You don’t have to compartmentalize all your skills.

When you are working with your soulmate client you will probably use a mix of all your skills and they will love each one! When you combine your practices it only enhances your levels and allows you to have a deeper practice. It is a mix of your experiences, values, knowledge, and skills that connect you to your soulmate client and the transformations that you are capable of creating.

3. Stop giving away free advice!

When people receive a bunch of free advice they automatically believe they have had a breakthrough transformation and forget that they have a lot more work to do. Anything that is worth it in life takes time and effort, but it is worth it! Also, remember to tell people that they can connect with you and tell them how at the end of your live videos, your posts, and give them a task to do. People need direction, that is the point of facilitating and service to begin with. It is for us to remember that a little reminder how they can make a change is right in front of them is for us to help clarify.

With that in mind… if you are ready to get your holistic business upleveled, feel free to set up a breakthrough call with me or join our Academy to connect with other holistic practitioners building their business and doing their self-care alongside their practices.

I know what it’s like, I have been there and that is exactly why I am here to help you. Business is not the skill-sets that you have learned, so it makes sense it is not what you are good at. That doesn’t mean that you don’t have amazing skills once you are with your perfect client. You know exactly what you would do, you don’t even have to worry about that.

So, don’t forget to take care of yourself in this process, remember to do things you are good at while you learn some marketing skills that may not be second nature for you just yet.

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I hope this has been a helpful blog-post. Leave comments below! Let me know you are reading and ask me questions! I am here to help, your transformation is my purpose.

Infinite love and gratitude,

Brook Woolf

Creator of Emotional Body Mapping and Holistic Business Consultant of Emotional Business Management Agency

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