Grounding: Taking Risks OR Taking a Seat

Grounding step inward into self

There comes a time during deep and heavy transitions in our life that gets confusing. Grounding can be more difficult during these times and taking risks become harder the less grounded we are internally. Whether or not you are going through a big transition in your life, knowing when to go inward or when to take that big leap of faith is a great tool for you to be able to heal and flow exponentially.


We hear this word and it brings us to our knees. SURRENDER before me! Surrender is another word for give up these days.

But, what if surrender was another word for trust. Trust deeply in the process, in yourself, in timing, in the journey that you are on and rumblings of your stomach leading you towards your next successful transformation.

During our life, we come across two main options to grow and move forward. All growth is meant to be a bit uncomfortable; I like to think of it as being ‘comfortably uncomfortable’ versus ‘uncomfortably comfortable’ which would be stagnation and stuckness.

Once we get ‘comfortably uncomfortable’ in the process of change and growth it becomes a bit more difficult to know when to take that nose dive into our future. In all of these moments of our journey we are confronted with two main options.

grounding and surrender

All growth is meant to be a bit uncomfortable.

Two options

  1. Step Forward into growth through taking risks/leap of faith.

  2. Step inward into self/Ground and Regroup.

These two options come at very different times in our lives and there are things to look out for to determine whether or not there will be a success story in the end.

  1. Feel supported/feel unsafe

  2. Trust Self/feeling scattered or indecisive

  3. Resiliency/fragile

  4. discipline/self-motivation or laziness/tired

But, there is one thing that overarches no matter what and that is surrender.

In any time in our lives it takes understanding and realizing surrender as a beautifully kind story of gentleness, trust, humility and strength.

Very often when we force things it does not work out. We use words like ‘powering through’ and ‘motoring’ and empathize with people who don’t make time for themselves or their self-care. It is this personal story that I see where the most damage can be done when we are in a time of transition.

taking risks without force

Very often when we force things it does not work out.

If we are going through a loss, a break-up, changing career paths, leveling up our health, or making a big move patience is required. If you are anything like me, this is the hardest part. Having patience and surrendering into the time that it is ‘meant to be’ versus pushing through the feelings as if somehow there is a way to make emotions process faster than they do naturally.

If you are at a point in your life you feel completely weak and wobbly, regroup and ground. Don’t judge yourself for it. Know that all times are built for you even the times you are meant to rest. They are reminders that all healing is nonlinear.

have patience and surrender


If you are feeling stuck and ready to break free and you want to make some big transitions in your life, that may be a perfect time to invest in a new business, move, take the trip you always wanted, make that risk that others may tell you is too risky.

Do it!

Know that you are resilient and that when you start new things failures and mistakes are bound to happen, but it is in your strength that you get back up again. It is in your trust that you persist. It is that determination that makes you powerful and grounded in the surrender of the journey.

In all cases, life is a journey and learning how to circumnavigate so we can see the beauty in whatever stage of life we are in is a powerful skill to learn.

take that risk and do it

Take the trip you always wanted, make that risk that others may tell you is too risky!

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