Liebstar Award Given to Indigo Warrior Life- YASSS Queen!


Firstly, thank you The Yogi Wanderer for nominating me for this award. It is an honor to be part of a gifting community of awesome bloggers out there who deserve to have their name recognized.

The Liebster Award is an online award given to new bloggers by other bloggers. “Liebster” is a German word that means “the dearest”. The Liebster Award is a way for bloggers to recognize fellow bloggers for their work and excellence. The nominees/award winners should then pay it forward by nominating/awarding other bloggers they admire and follow.

Rules of the Liebster Award:

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3.    Answer 10 questions about yourself, which will be provided to you by the person who nominated you.

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So, without further ado, here are the answers to the Yogi Wanderers questions, which were badass and totally fun to answer. Many of my regular readers would never get some of these stories written about below if it weren’t for this astounding system with the award.


When and how did you start traveling?

1.    I have been on and off traveling my whole life. I have been a known “gypsy” free spirit, lifestyle learner since before I can remember. When I was fifteen I was studying painting and photography in Paris, France. Then, I spent a year just driving through all of the fifty states of America going to every natural park and Art Museum. I was always fearless to travel and because of that life has gifted me plenty of experience.

What was your favorite destination so far?

2.    Wow, it is really hard to pick one single favorite, but I can pick favorite places depending on particular desires in life. For example, I would definitely pick Bryce Canyon as one of my favorite nature spots to witness the stars at night and climb through canyons. I would also pick Chiang Mai, Thailand for any newbie traveler who is looking for both healing and learning to be melded together.

Name a place you did NOT like and why.

3.    I don’t like Vientiane, Laos. I usually am going there for some sort of visa run. It is the equivalent of Flagstaff, Arizona for Southeast Asia for people who ever had to drive through the states. Everyone stops there but there is nothing to do there and you can’t wait till you leave. I also, unfortunately, visited Marseilles during an epic garbage strike and probably will never visit again.

What do you like the most about traveling?

4.    I love the ability to constantly humble oneself in the learning process of traveling. I am always amazed by how much there is to learn and how we neglect the subtleties. As a slow traveler, I am really able to digest culture deeply, build communities as if I have a home everywhere, and give back to the communities by establishing a connecting and an understanding of real needs. Life is a gift and travel seems like a larger gift. I love that I am able to not only receive that gift but give back where I can.

Ganesh, the creator of all possibilities.

Ganesh, the creator of all possibilities.

If you could take only ONE more trip in your lifetime where would you go? Why?


5.    Japan. It has been calling me in my dreams as of late. I have this strange feeling that is going to be the country… you know, the country that just makes you say YASSSS QUEEN! My fiancé and I built a tiny home around the principles of Japanese living, I love doing and making indigo and Shibori dye, sushi is my favorite meal, I desire to learn Shiatsu from a someone in Japan, I love hot springs and wildlife, and I like the way that you can easily travel and visit everywhere. So yea, I think it may be our place.

What was the most important thing you learned about yourself while traveling?

6.    I learned that I am resilient and capable of anything. There was a time once when I was traveling alone and I got sick, like reaaaally sick. I was not capable of leaving the bed for three days and I don’t want to get too graphic, but things were not staying inside of me at all. I ran out of drinking water, toilet paper, and somehow managed to make my way downstairs the place I was staying asked for help and received the love. I survived. I have survived two motorbike accidents, lost all my money in the first two weeks in Paris at a coffee shop, I had a month illness in Mexico, and I plenty more stories to tell. I am sure there are even more stories to come that are going to be constant reminders of my strength. What is even cooler is I still love travel and wouldn’t change it for anything.


What was your best travel moment so far?

7.    Wow, the best travel moment. Man, I am drawing a blank. That is more than difficult to even break down. You know it usually is the simple days that make me happy. Eating awesome food, relaxing, laughing, being surrounded by loving people. It truly could happen anywhere, but there are these moments I have where I have to remind myself that my life is real and it is really happening. For example, witnessing the sunset on top of an old Spanish colonial Cathedral in Mexico or being part of a small hill-tribe ritual dance in the mountains of Thailand. I wouldn’t say those are the best moments, but they feel the most surreal.

What was your worst travel moment so far?

8.   I had a really bad travel road-trip when I was younger, about 19. I was naïve and went on a trip with not the most responsible person on my way to work Mardi Gras as a bartender. Within the first day, we cracked our car’s radiator on the loneliest road in America and were stuck in Cedar City, Utah for two weeks. For those that don’t understand, this is a tiny racist little Mormon town. I had a dark brown Mohawk and was not getting much love from the blonde children of the corn city. They would occasionally throw things from their car windows at my head and call me names as I walked to the local library, which was the only thing to do in that town. Next stop was Dumas, Texas, which was just as racist and I was moneyless from the car issues by that point. I found out my cat died while I was there and decided that was an omen to turn back at that point. Definitely a low point in my traveling career.

Mexico street vendor moments of perfection.

Mexico street vendor moments of perfection.

What’s one thing you can’t travel without?

9.    As a minimalist, it is hard to think about what I couldn’t travel without. As my life is on the computer these days I must admit that one is pretty darn important. I wish I could say my essential oils, my yoga towel, or something nice and hippie woo-woo spiritual. However, I could just buy new ones and/or live even more minimally while the computer is too expensive to buy multiple times.

What’s the first thing you do upon arrival to a new destination?

10. Shower, unpack, set up an altar and eat!

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And without further ado… the nominees are.... duh duh DUH DUH, drumroll please!!

 Jessica McCarthy is a beautiful inspiring woman who constantly engulfs herself into her spiritual practice and shares tips on how to do that as well for yourself. She is an open minded and excellent world traveler who is able to connect both to culture and herself as she travels. Her stories are contagious with ecstatic gratitude reminding us to smile more.

Ellen is a business psychologist who travels both professionally and for “wherever the wind takes her”. She has a unique perspective on travel as it is from the standpoint of psychology and her heart opening experiences. Her stories get personal yet remain informative for anyone traveling to SEAsia, the United States, Europe, and the Middle East.

Marie has been a traveler her whole life and has coined the term TCK( Third Culture Kid). She travels through her love of culture, food, charity, and health- a Metta life indeed. She is slowing down in her travel life after visiting 140 countries realizing she wants to embrace the culture differently and really engulf herself into the community. Check out her luxurious looking site and wonderful photos as she gallops her way around the world.

Sabrina, or at least that is her traveling name, I was fortunate enough to meet in person in Chiang Mai, Thailand. I witnessed her shifting and learning her own voice and she shares as authentically in person as she does via her blog. Follow her blogs for empowerment and encouragement on your discoveries through self-development. 


My ten questions to the Liebster Winners


1.    How do you find the balance between your blog-life and travel?

2.    What does your morning routine look like?

3.    Where is your favorite place to go and why?

4.    What made you decide to be a traveler?

5.    How did you come about becoming a travel writer?

6.    What tips would you give to someone who wants to travel?

7.    Do you ever see yourself settling down and where?

8.    What has been your most inspiring moment as a travel blogger?

9.    What limitation/obstacle has traveling allowed to overcome?

10.  Name a famous writer/person that you would want to read your blog and why?

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