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Emotions Underlying Physical Pain: A Breakdown of How and Where Emotions Manifest in the Body

Our emotions are not separate from our body as our body is not separate from our emotions, but often we try to compartmentalize these two parts of ourselves and work on the self-care aspect of these while negating their close proximity. Most often it is the repeat mini-traumas that we store in our body unconsciously unaware that they are holding tension.

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Emotional Body Mapping-pain relief and medical intuition.

What if there are ways of maintaining our physical triggers/pain and creating a resolution, but it may start with admitting to our emotional fears, anxieties, sadness, and anger first, would you be willing to make the first baby step?

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Seven steps towards grounding: Morning routines for freelance workers and a travel lifestyle

Having trouble with productivity and holding yourself accountable now that you are your own boss? Check out these useful tips to get yourself situated in the morning! A fresh morning sets the day's intentions. 

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