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Your Body Speaks, Learn the Language

Are you ready to take your knowledge of Emotional Body Mapping to the next level? In the end of September we are launching Emotional Body Mapping Practitioner Group Program. This 8-week program will breakdown each level for an in-depth dive into how your body speaks. At the end of the program, participants will have a deeper understand of this powerful knowledge and have the tools necessary to share it with their clients. 

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How to get clients on FB without spending a Dollar on Ads

You know that Facebook is good for your blog but you're not sure how to use it. Do you just post statuses on your business page like you do on your personal profile?Facebook is the second biggest referrer of traffic to my site after Pinterest. And most of that comes from Facebook Groups.

Now is the time to use Facebook to help boost your business without spending a small fortune on ads.

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How to Attract Clients for a Holistic Online Business

Beginning a holistic practice online can be very discouraging and intimidating. From learning all the social media practices, to building a website and email list and learning all the ins and outs of the world wide web, it’s like getting lost in a labyrinth.  It can feel obscure and seem impossible to convey in the same ways that you do in person. How do you attract consistent clients when the market seems so saturated and you know nothing or very little about marketing?

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Being a freelancer in any field very often we are faced with the conundrum of an incredibly difficult client. I have personally caught myself in the moment thinking more about my bills and letting myself become devalued for a simple pay check.

Whether or not clients are unclear, unresponsive but demand immediate results, ask for unrealistic goals and deadlines, or simply have taste, morals, or values that do not mesh, this undeniable time and heart consuming client is bad news for business.

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Emotional Body Mapping-pain relief and medical intuition.

What if there are ways of maintaining our physical triggers/pain and creating a resolution, but it may start with admitting to our emotional fears, anxieties, sadness, and anger first, would you be willing to make the first baby step?

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