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Money Manifestation in 2019: 4 Most Common Mistakes that are Stopping your Heartfelt Business Making Money

How are you currently asking and manifesting money in your current business? This blog post aims to give some insight into some things you may be currently doing that essentially harming your business and your abundance. Don’t worry, I was there once too, a martyr with my gifts because I thought that was the ethical thing to do. Find out the most common mistakes about money wit when being a heartfelt business.

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Building a holistic home based business that supported my own self-care practice saved my life and gave me better results with my client’s transformations than ever expected. That self-care allowed my work to become more engaged, as I was less drained and overwhelmed, and it allowed my client’s to have bigger transformations as I stopped spreading myself so thin.

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Learn how remote healing work can be beneficial to a traditional healing business. Working online has its benefits financially, energetically, and soulfully for you and your clients.

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Emotional Body Mapping: A Medical Intuitive Online Course

Have you wanted to start a holistic home based business where you can do remote healing work comfortably and effectively? Have you listened deeply to your emotional body and intuitively recognized the pain as root traumas? Have you been able to effectively heal yourself or others?  There are simple steps to help others connect to the root of their emotional body and allow self healing to activate.

Medical intuitive online course, The emotional body, Emotional healing course, build healing business.

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From Mindful Modern Nomad to Emotional Body Mapping Coach

Have you ever had a moment in your business when you felt like a fraud or weren’t living up to your full potential? As a holistic coach for the Mindful Modern Nomad, I work with clients on a daily basis to support them in overcoming their fears and being in alignment with their desires through my method of Emotional Body Mapping. So you can imagine what it was like when I had my own stark realization that I myself wasn’t practicing what I coach. 

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How to get clients on FB without spending a Dollar on Ads

You know that Facebook is good for your blog but you're not sure how to use it. Do you just post statuses on your business page like you do on your personal profile?Facebook is the second biggest referrer of traffic to my site after Pinterest. And most of that comes from Facebook Groups.

Now is the time to use Facebook to help boost your business without spending a small fortune on ads.

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How to start & grow an engaged Facebook group

Facebook Groups are all about growing a community – and you can use them to grow engagement with your Facebook Page by growing your brand online. This guide serves as a basic tutorial on how to create a Facebook group, along with some tips on getting people to join your new group. Follow these easy steps to create your own unique piece of Facebook real estate.

Mindset, authenticity, online presence, online business, marketing, personal branding, business building tips for holistic practitioners

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How to Attract Clients for a Holistic Online Business

Beginning a holistic practice online can be very discouraging and intimidating. From learning all the social media practices, to building a website and email list and learning all the ins and outs of the world wide web, it’s like getting lost in a labyrinth.  It can feel obscure and seem impossible to convey in the same ways that you do in person. How do you attract consistent clients when the market seems so saturated and you know nothing or very little about marketing?

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Being a freelancer in any field very often we are faced with the conundrum of an incredibly difficult client. I have personally caught myself in the moment thinking more about my bills and letting myself become devalued for a simple pay check.

Whether or not clients are unclear, unresponsive but demand immediate results, ask for unrealistic goals and deadlines, or simply have taste, morals, or values that do not mesh, this undeniable time and heart consuming client is bad news for business.

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Setting Client Boundaries

Like any healthy relationship, a client relationship serves to have clear and direct boundaries. Boundaries are helpful for your client as much as they are for you. When you are setting working boundaries, you are allowing your client to be more self-sufficient and increases their personal confidence by not demanding/requiring so much external support from you.

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Streamlining your Routine – Pre-scheduling Content

Now that you have created a fool-proof posting schedule for your social media posts, you want to be able to do that in the most effortless way possible. From collecting beautiful imagery to capture your audience's attention, to creating branded templates, to scheduling the right posts on the right social media channels, we've got you covered.

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Streamlining your Routine – Creating a posting schedule

As a small business owner, your most valuable resource is time. You want to be sure that you are utilising your time in the most effective way possible. This is especially important with social media. When done ineffectively, it can take up a huge amount of your time. When streamlined properly, you can invest that extra time in doing what you do best and working on your business as opposed to in it.

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5 Rookie Mistakes of the Digital Nomad

Ever considered living your life as a digital nomad, a remote worker, a traveler that works? Essentially, ever considered quitting your job to travel the world and work? Well, in that case, it is important you read this before you start. It is crucial to know what you are getting yourself into instead of living your life in a reactionary mode. It is important to live your life as the deliberate creator of your world and your dreams. 

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Conscious Travel: What is it and why I am so obsessed!

Why I live my life with these awesome core values and how you can too! Join a community that empowers you as you travel!

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