Right now


Right now we are planning to go to Mexico to see if we can “make it” as artists and travellers in this small little town called San Miguel de Allende. We have built a tiny home, a yurt, 250’ squared to be exact, with an outdoor cedar shower, kitchen, and bathroom with running water in Southern California on my families’ land. We plan on using this space as our interim magic shifting space as we are currently building a huge walk in closet with all of our favorite things to be stored here while we are travelling.

It is so exciting and unnerving to do that thing you only read about in other blogs. To see if you can in fact do what you set your heart and mind to officially and make it happen. Knowing that I am a person of my word, strive for excellence, my motivation never ceases me, and have some savvy skills that will aid me along the way I am not too worried that I won’t succeed. Succeeding I have been told takes a lot of failures and I have had both failures and successes a good number of times in my short life already.

Planning to move to Mexico entails quite a lot and quite a little, all depends how much of a planner you are.  We are looking into health insurance, places for rent with dogs allowed, finding jobs, permits and licensing, making connections with locals and local Facebook pages, looking up Spanish classes (of course the learning begins there for me!) and all of this is happening without any research on the fun stuff!! What am I thinking!

I forgot I am moving to San Miguel de Allende to start having my art and creative side shine! So where is all the planning for the fun?? That will just happen, right! No need to plan fun.


I gotta get on this quick!

Talk soon. 


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