Why people hate the word Spirituality, but hate on Atheism more.

Everybody thinks they know better, but somehow Atheists get a whole bunch of sh*t for it. They are not any different than the various religions who believe one day you will understand but for now you are lost. 

Spirituality has been tainted due to stupidity and the baby boomer generation of hippies. However, if one is open to uncertainty then spirituality may be the place they find themselves categorized. It is hard to be put into a singer/songwriter category when you are a musician, and it is beginning to feel the same for people's choices of beliefs. The category of spirituality is plainly too vague and indistinguishable for most to define. It is limitless, and with that, comes a lot of hippie dippy statements like, "just flow with the channel of the universe, man" or "My chakras just don't feel aligned today, you know?" These statements essentially mean nothing or come out of hollowed mouths but hey, they have pretty words in them. It is similar to the string of social media silly quotes out there these days like "just breath" and "stay positive". 

I, myself, am finding it harder to call myself spiritual these days, although, I could not find an alternate definition suitable. Raised to embrace all religions and learn from each one I had a very different spiritual background than others, one of non-judgment and openness to learning from all sources. With my history I feel I was taught to make my own choices, decisions, questions and feelings of faith while being able to converse with any faith without stepping on too many toes (I have stepped on a few toes).  Religion is a hard conversation to have without someone getting upset though. A very strong belief can shape and hold someone's fears and when that faith gets questioned their entire life's path is being broken.


So, back to Atheism. Why is it so hated? My theory is that people don't like when: firstly, their religion is indubitably being rejected, and secondly, people don't like people who aren't willing to question or be open to the possibility of not knowing. It is a hard one to swallow for me to believe anyone is at a point in their life that they know anything at all with complete conviction. Science is built on theories and very few facts. Each theory is allowed an 80% margin of uncertainty to be given the title "theory" and used for furthering other theories. Gravity is a theory. There are many religious scientists for this reason. They know how little we really know and how much we are allowing the chaos and coincidences in life to play out the culmination of our future.  I guess that's where Agnostic got to go to the confused religious people party, a fun one a lot more people are at than admit. It is kind of like the "Eye's Wide Shut" confused invitee party but less sexy and more woo woo. 

If you ever feel like being empowered through your beliefs email us & we will start your program!

If you ever feel like being empowered through your beliefs email us & we will start your program!

To finalize my thoughts, no one needs to be judged. Everyone has a right to their beliefs and if we aren't accepting of this the conversation of belief will always be hard. So I will do my best not to cringe or give excuses when I say I am spiritual and perhaps we can all do our best not to judge anyone for their religious background. We all got to our beliefs from our personal story, nothing more. So let people get personal with you

Infinite love and Gratitude

The Snarky Spiritualist 

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