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Do you often find yourself upset or helpless when your child (no matter the age) is dealing with pain or discomfort in his/her body that you can't source? What is your initial response to wanting to "fix" or support your child? 

In Western culture, it is very common to medicate your child to stop the pain or seek out medical attention if it seems your child is not getting better. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with this approach, what if you could learn knowledge and tools to identify the source of the pain and discomfort?

I often target Emotional Body Mapping to holistic business owners, health and wellness practitioners and yoga instructors. It wasn't until recently that it dawned on me how incredibly powerful this knowledge could be for parents! While I have no kids of my own, I do have a lot of experience working with children - from running a daycare to a non-profit organization that worked directly with children. Through my experience of being around children, I have seen firsthand the impact that bullying, peer pressure, turmoil from school or home can have on children. 

By understanding and learning Emotional Body Mapping, you will know what your body (or your children's) is telling you. 

For small children whose vocabulary is limited and hasn't fully developed, learning the language of Emotional Body Mapping can make a difference in identifying what your child is going through. What if you were able to make your intuition even larger and connect it to physical pain that your child is experiencing? Often times we spend so much time trying to figure out what is wrong with our children or spend a lot on doctor's visits. Imagine the difference you could make if you were able to ask the right questions to get to a solution faster. 

Through Emotional Body Mapping you could provide ways of connecting to your child's emotions without them having to explain it to you. 

For example, let's say your child comes home from school and you notice that their shoulders are hunched and they're moping around. Our shoulders carry a lot of burden. Through this knowledge, you could begin asking your child if someone at school is putting pressure on them or if they're feeling overwhelmed with a test coming up or homework assignment. Or, what if they wake up with a stomach ache and are showing no other signs of being ill? What if you could ask the right questions to determine if they're having anxiety? Maybe they have a big test coming up that they're worried about. 

With this kind of awareness of learning your child's body language, you're able to ask the right questions to get to a solution faster.


A lot of the work I do with my clients is healing of past wounds deeply rooted from their childhood. As a parent, imagine how impactful it would be for you (and your child) if you could learn this language and how to communicate with them at the source. 

Think of Emotional Body Mapping as a more holistic approach to communicating with your child at the start of noticing signs; rather than when the pain takes over and you feel the only option is to go to the doctor. You can learn some of the subtle signs and take more of an ongoing care approach rather than watching your child go through what many of us went through--feeling pain or discomfort and not knowing why it's there, and not knowing to connect it to emotions in the body. 

I am launching an 8-week Practitioner Group Program on Emotional Body Mapping. In this program, I teach the tools on how to heal and understand these things with very limited vocabulary. And even your child can learn to heal their own body just by understanding how the body speaks!

Imagine the power of that knowledge! 

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Want to learn more? Check out this video that explains in detail how Emotional Body Mapping can make a difference for you and your children. 

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