16 Personal Self-Care Quotes To Be Your Own Best Friend

16 self-care quotes to treat yourself as if you were your own best friend!

Self-Care Quotes

Today I share with you a collection of my personal self-care quotes.

Unfortunately, most people don’t spend nearly enough time on self-care.

It’s a realm of personal development, that is way too often overlooked.

That is why I wanted to share this collection of quotes on self-care with you. To inspire and remind you to take care of yourself, whether it’s emotionally, mentally or physically.

Can you see yourself in any of the following?…

  • I’m beating myself down

  • I don’t feel good enough

  • I should be working more

  • I should spend more times with my partner

  • I shouldn’t be eating that

  • I should be healthier

  • I feel stupid

Stop, for just a second.

Realize that self-attack is a poor strategy and show yourself some love.

Imagine yourself as your BEST FRIEND. What would you tell your best friend if they were feeling down?..

Would you beat her or him down even further?

Or would you show them compassion, love and encouragement?

Since you’re reading this, I think I already know your answer to that question.

Let’s start treating ourselves with the same care and compassion.

That being said, self-care looks different for all of us.

Whether it’s reading a good book, meditating, exercising or having a good rest on the couch… So don’t feel bad about your methods.

Now I have rambled for long enough, so let’s get into the reason you’re here in the first place: our self-care quotes!

Here they come.

IF you think you will pay for you HEALTH when you get your WEALTH you are forgetting that it is ALL CONNECTED - Brook Woolf
Trust is felt in your BODY stop asking your MIND for all the answers - Brook Woolf
Trauma is stored in the body and manifests in multiple ways. If you don’t face it the body will find other ways to communicate. - Brook Woolf
Shoulder pain mantra ‘their shit, not my shit.’ Rinse and repeat. - Brook Woolf
All healing begins with asking the question… “who or what am I giving my power to?” - Brook Woolf
Excuses don’t help anyone change their behavior. - Brook Woolf
Boundaries are healthy! - Brook Woolf
The best kind of love is HONEST. - Brook Woolf
There is no 'woke'. That is to say we are asleep or awake. Consciousness is not a light switch. - Brook Woolf
Instead of black shoeep, I choose to call myself an innovator. - Brook Woolf
You are supported ALL ways. - Brook Woolf
The body speaks, learn the language. - Brook Woolf
Purpose lasts forever. Happiness is just a moment. Lead your life with purpose instead of seeking a moment. - Brook Woolf
Meditate for 8 minutes to gain focus. Meditate for 1 hour to slow down. Meditate for 8 hours and stop caring about any of it really. It's all silly. - Brook Woolf
We walk around unconscious of our patterns and behaviors. It is not to be judged when realized. It is activated so that we CAN take our power back more easily. - Brook Woolf
We are all at different stages of healing AND we are all STILL equals. - Brook Woolf

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