The Importance of Environment and Accountability

How to Make Changing a Whole Lot Easier

Getting the lives we want should be so simple.

Want to feel less stressed? Relax your body. Want to build a holistic business? Start offering your services. Want a better body? Work out more.

Most of us already know what to do and even how to do it… But we just don’t!

And many of us even beat ourselves up for it!

Maybe you’ve experienced self-talk like this before ‘Why don’t you just do it? What’s wrong with you? Are you stupid?’

This even happens when we sign up for DIY courses on self-care or holistic business… Most of us don’t even do the course!

The truth is that it’s human nature to stay the same. Our biology tells us to spend as little energy as possible while still staying alive.

This is especially more difficult if you’re trying to change on your own.

Changing Is Hard! It Requires a Lot of Energy!

Why would we even change in the first place?… Our minds and bodies go to great lengths to prevent us from doing so.

We’re so obsessed with information, but what we need more of is action… We all know WHAT to do. Success in most areas is no rocket science…

(Except maybe success in rocket science)

If more knowledge solved anything, we’d all have perfect bodies, be spiritually enlightened and have millions of dollars.

How Can We Change?

I won’t get into goal setting in this post. We all know that we need goals and most of us have them.

We know that we need to take the right action.

But what many of us lack is:

  1. Community

  2. Accountability

A desire to change is enough to get you started, but not enough to keep you going.

You might be or feel completely alone on your journey.

If that’s the case, your environment is not working in your favor, and it’s going to be MUCH more difficult to change.

Imagine if everything in your environment was working in your favor:

  • Your mom is telling you that creating an online business is the best idea you’ve ever had and that she supports you.

  • Your teachers all tell you to go for your dreams.

  • Your neighbor is a yoga teacher and comes to your house every day to give you lessons.

  • Your house is full of healthy fruit and vegetables.

How much easier would it be to keep up your good habits and change your life for the better?

We’ve all heard the saying that “you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with”.

But changing those people isn’t too easy either.

community healing

Community - How Can You Make Your Environment HELP and SUPPORT You?

On a practical level, you can declutter your immediate surroundings and put temptations out of sight.

If you’re working on self-care, you can put reminders on your desk, in your bedroom or in your office.

But that doesn’t help you with the people part…

For the people, you can ADD influences you’d like into your life. For example, a supportive community.

That’s the kind of community we have in our open Facebook group. The support in there is unlike any other community I’ve seen.

If you want a more intimate group of people, you could join The Emotional Body Mapping Academy.

We’re not afraid of giving you the gentle push you sometimes need to stay on the right track. ;)

By participating in the discussions, attending the masterclasses and more, change slowly becomes easier, because your environment is supporting you on your self-care and holistic business journey.

Accountability - How To Make it Even Easier

A key area that we tend to forget is accountability.

As you know, real change comes from taking action. Showing up and working on the right things.

This is one of the biggest problems I see with DIY courses where one-on-one coaching is not included.

With accountability, you can make sure that you

  1. Complete your tasks

  2. Learn from your successes and “failures”

  3. Can find solutions right away

This is especially important if you’re self-employed. If you don’t have a boss or teacher to create a deadline for you.

Here, an accountability partner or coach works as a middle ground for that.

We’ll help you stay on track and resurrect your internal self-motivation

That’s why we’ll soon be expanding The Emotional Body Mapping Academy with:

  • Weekly accountability – to make sure you stay on track.

  • 1:1 coaching – 4 personal coaching sessions to dig deeper and to help you set and stick to your intentions.

Does that sound like something that would help you on your journey?…

If so, join the list below to be the first to receive more information about the Academy Expansion (it’s coming soon…) You will also receive our regular newsletter.

We’re calling it Coach As You Go Academy

Because that’s very much what it is. You will be coached as you go through your transformation.

Don’t leave something as important as your personal self-care and holistic business up to chance.

There is still a course in The Academy.

You will still have the freedom to choose WHEN and WHERE you go through the material.

But each week, we hold you accountable, so you can see where you need to improve and what your next steps are.

You get all the things you love about DIY courses, only this time, we’ll ensure your success by holding you accountable to your commitment.

At a much more affordable price than private 1:1 coaching.

You still have to put in the work, but your environment will be working in your favor.

Thank you for reading this far, I can’t wait to be part of your journey.

Your Emotional Body Mapper,

Brook Woolf

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