Why going with the flow while traveling is so important.

 If you plan your whole trip/life disappointment will prevail. Firstly, one cannot plan everything because chaos always finds a way to seep into your world and disguise itself as your best friend. Order is essentially defined to me as not being present or listening to the current of the world around you. Secondly, going with the flow allows chaos to bring connectivity, and if you believe in any form of manifestation, it is in these times of going with the flow that your manifestations appear. Don't think too hard, let your brain take a break and your intuition lead from time to time. Your intuition is you real decision maker. Your choices come from the gut, so learn to trust it! 

And if healing isn't linear, either is life, so don't try to make it!

And if healing isn't linear, either is life, so don't try to make it!


Today, I was late to class while being consumed trying to draw myself after yesterday's sketch. I was thoroughly surprised to enjoy the old studies and found myself totally okay with doing this study a few more times. While attending my Spanish tutor session I ran into a lovely artist friend who actually has an online art course for anyone interested in learning art while traveling! How perfect is that for all you travelers out there. Her course 10 steps to Drawing Anything is an amazing introduction to art for those interested while traveling to continue learning and not break the bank. Her name is Jessica Antonelli, a teacher and artist herself with much to offer. She and I were able to catch up a bit and talk about our passions and give each other tips. 

It is great to be able to be amongst those that share your passions and grow as a student, teacher, guide, and inspiration. It's not going to all feel real behind a computer screen or on a tour. Without listening to where the wind took me today I may have not caught up with her, learned about her new program and been able to share this great tool with you! It is important to feel connected in the communities you travel. Your network is the world when you are a traveler, so humble yourself to the process and go with the flow!

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