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From Mindful Modern Nomad to Emotional Body Mapping Coach

Have you ever had a moment in your business when you felt like a fraud or weren’t living up to your full potential? As a holistic coach for the Mindful Modern Nomad, I work with clients on a daily basis to support them in overcoming their fears and being in alignment with their desires through my method of Emotional Body Mapping. So you can imagine what it was like when I had my own stark realization that I myself wasn’t practicing what I coach. 

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Being a freelancer in any field very often we are faced with the conundrum of an incredibly difficult client. I have personally caught myself in the moment thinking more about my bills and letting myself become devalued for a simple pay check.

Whether or not clients are unclear, unresponsive but demand immediate results, ask for unrealistic goals and deadlines, or simply have taste, morals, or values that do not mesh, this undeniable time and heart consuming client is bad news for business.

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Setting Client Boundaries

Like any healthy relationship, a client relationship serves to have clear and direct boundaries. Boundaries are helpful for your client as much as they are for you. When you are setting working boundaries, you are allowing your client to be more self-sufficient and increases their personal confidence by not demanding/requiring so much external support from you.

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Being a Coach Doesn't Mean I Have it Figured Out; Why hire a coach?!

Being a coach doesn't mean I live struggle-free. In fact, it just means I see my struggles more clearly! This article explores the reasons being why you would hire a coach and things to look out for before going down that rabbit hole of guidance. 

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Liebstar Award Given to Indigo Warrior Life- YASSS Queen!

So, it is here finally. Had to wait on my computer getting repaired but the time has come to share the nominees! If you want to know some special stuff about my life too that I would rarely share unless prompted this is a great post for that too! 

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Shifting Mindsets and Inspiring Healing in Chiang Mai, Thailand

If you are a new traveler and finding that it is harder than you thought, this is a good place to feel supported. In this article, you will learn some of the common challenges that a new traveler faces and that there are solutions to these challenges. Even healing through the worst chronic physical pain and emotional baggage through travel is possible, however, it takes facing it with mindful strategies. 

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