Top 10 Mindful Travel Blogs Worth Reading in 2017

10 Mindful Travel Blogs

As someone who indulges in being a conscious traveler, an empowerment coach for travelers, and a mindful and sustainable living biped of the world, I love reading from both new mindful travelers and of course, the experts in the field. 

If you are a novice to the conscious travel life, however, all these names may be unfamiliar to you. I compiled a well-rounded group of mindful travel blogs for the adventurous, the digital nomads, the travelers suffering from illness, the foodies, and the givers of the world. There are so many types of conscious travelers and so many of us compete with our limitations while the people that I mention below use their limitations as a strength, backbone, and vitality. Because of this, these blogs are both inspiring and informational. Some of them will give you guides on where to go, how to have less of a carbon footprint, how to start voluntourism, or simply just how to be a foodie with a conscious mindset. 

The world is yours to explore, and when you explore it with love, compassion and understanding more opportunities arise than ever thought possible.

So, give it up to these bloggers who are doing both. They are loving the world, loving community and themselves, and living their dreams. We are lucky to peek into their life and be able to take a glimpse of their outstanding realities.

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Nomadic Matt

This one is for any newbie just getting into the world of amazing travel blogs. Nomadic Matt has a huge following and so much useful information about traveling from voluntourism to travel insurance and places to visit. This site is very well known and is an inspiration to over 200K followers. There are even nonprofit projects linked to the site you can directly help without even traveling.  When I first started, this site was my go-to for advice and inspiration and I still find myself thoroughly impressed and engulfed in the deliverables brought to the pubic. It is amazing to witness all that is capable when we collaborate and come together as a true community and advocate of the world. 

Here is Matt! One prolific game-changing eco warrior.

Here is Matt! One prolific game-changing eco warrior.

Thrilling Heroics

Cody McKibben is the founder of this well-written blog that connects the digital nomad lifestyle and the caring and compassionate mindful human searching for their purpose on this planet. His blogs are not as often written, however, they are content heavy and he has new projects brewing to collaborate young new travelers with mentors also known as the "Heroes Journey." He really inspires people to never give up and is so honest it is a breath of fresh air. His humility and consciousness transfers into his writing and his choices on how he brings a community together. Together we are the master and together we can create positive change. He really is my personal reminder of how to be empowering as I coach others along the way. A reminder that there are reflections out there doing the same awesome work! 

Gaia Travel

A collective of blogs and thoughts based purely on conscious travel. There are an array of different topics from travel tips, to conscious places to visit, to workshops that you can get involved in. Because it is a group of a bunch of guest travel writers the writing is from different angles and it doesn't have as much of one solid personality. I like this about the website because I will pick posts based off of topics instead of the writing style and end up getting great tips for my next travels. Also, if you ever are looking for programs to join they are always connecting with mindfulness experts and programs all over the world through conscious travel. This site has more focus on wellness than sustainability and is perfect for those seeking inner work before taking the leap to give to others. 

Their awesome logo. :)

Their awesome logo. :)

The Happy Nomad

This site is pretty extensive and you can get lost in it for days. They do have a section just dedicated towards conscious travel and voluntourism and its new popular trends. They also specialize in the backpacker lifestyle and have blogs from around the world from an adventurous point of view. If you are looking to travel the world with a backpack and looking for a few volunteer projects definitely check this site out. 


Travelous Mind 

Denise, the travel writer, talks a lot about traveling with chronic illness and mindfulness. Live deeply, love deeply, and travel mindfully is her motto.  Super inspirational for anyone who is living under the fear and anxiety that they cannot travel with illness. An open and honest, humble dialogue of conversations through traveling and how mindfulness aids in the healing practices of chronic pain. Whatever limitation you feel you have that is stopping you from travel, remember, it is possible and there are others out there doing it too. We can all travel the world we just have to have the fearlessness - the true courage- to step out of comfort zone knowing on the other side of that zone is a wealth of abundance and learning. 

Writer and spokesperson for many fearless travelers.

Writer and spokesperson for many fearless travelers.

Our open Road  

An unconventional family of four (one new baby!) slow travels the world in a van mainly financing their travels by selling artisanal crafts and sustainable goods in a 24 hour bizarre! You only have 24 hours to glance through their beautiful catalog of goods they gather along the way. There isn't much room for inventory, as they travel in a tiny van ;). Their story is remarkable, incredible, and noteworthy shot through an amazing lens. The photographs show expansive landscapes and stories by the father, who is an artist and photographer by trade. I have hopes of slow traveling in a sprinter van similar to theirs through all of the America's with my sweetheart. Through their story-telling, I am able to imagine its possibility through envisioning authenticity. 


This site is the Airbnb for the Mindful Traveler. A site and blog fit for the junky who loves nature and wants to give back. True mindfulness is knowing that travel can be a huge carbon footprint on our planet earth. It is great to know some useful tips and places to go that can be enjoyable and lovable to the planet. Pretty straightforward although there are some good side stories that you can totally get lost in as well. 

Some of the cool initiatives you can take just by thinking eco with your place you are staying!

Some of the cool initiatives you can take just by thinking eco with your place you are staying!


Foodie and travel blogger about sustainability through travel. Dane, the travel writer,  is foraging for mushrooms and living a truly ethical and sustainable earth momma life. She is a journalist for many different publishing companies as well as a consultant, but her own writing is clearly with the mission to create a sustainable life on this planet. She has a natural and caring compassion in each of her articles and has been a world traveler for many years with many adventures to share. 

from an article on gardening from the Susdane blog.

from an article on gardening from the Susdane blog.

My Slow Journey  

Award winning awesome content on how to be an around the world slow traveler. Inspirational and exciting. All one person's take and jam packed with exciting stories about the unique experiences that slow travel brings to the table. When you are really thinking of being ethical the road is not paved as clearly and some of these stories are written so well you jump into the adventure as if it is your own.  From 12 years in South Africa to years worth of pictures in one article you get to really take the journey with her all along the way. If you are planning any trips to Africa, this site is a necessity.

Photo taken from a year of 2016 photos throughout her African travels.

Photo taken from a year of 2016 photos throughout her African travels.

Soul Travel Blog

Ellie Cleary, writer and award winner, also shares her very relatable story of wanting to make the world a better place through mindful and sustainable travel. As she left her job in 2015 which was soul sucking to figure out what a true mindful travel experience could be like she began writing and sharing her story with the public. She is a spiritual guide for those young entrepreneurs that want to make an impact and are not sure quite where/how to start. 

From one of her most recent articles on the Mekong River in Vietnam.

From one of her most recent articles on the Mekong River in Vietnam.

This is a great collection to start your journey into conscious and mindful traveling. Remember everything is possible.

Feel free to join our private Facebook group if this was helpful. We are an intimate group of travelers that are seeking more community members that aim to share their own blockages and limitations as part of the healing process. I run weekly lectures and meditations on overcoming different obstacles that a traveler may face. I would love and be honored to see you there!


The world would not be the same without the dreamers, the creators, and the positive amazing people like you and the people I posted about above.

Remember, we are all reflections of one another, so the better we are to each other the better we are to ourselves.

With infinite love and gratitude, 

The Snarky Spiritualist

Brook Woolf 


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