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How to get clients on FB without spending a Dollar on Ads

You know that Facebook is good for your blog but you're not sure how to use it. Do you just post statuses on your business page like you do on your personal profile?Facebook is the second biggest referrer of traffic to my site after Pinterest. And most of that comes from Facebook Groups.

Now is the time to use Facebook to help boost your business without spending a small fortune on ads.

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Streamlining your Routine – Pre-scheduling Content

Now that you have created a fool-proof posting schedule for your social media posts, you want to be able to do that in the most effortless way possible. From collecting beautiful imagery to capture your audience's attention, to creating branded templates, to scheduling the right posts on the right social media channels, we've got you covered.

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Streamlining your Routine – Creating a posting schedule

As a small business owner, your most valuable resource is time. You want to be sure that you are utilising your time in the most effective way possible. This is especially important with social media. When done ineffectively, it can take up a huge amount of your time. When streamlined properly, you can invest that extra time in doing what you do best and working on your business as opposed to in it.

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What causes self-sabotaging behavior and 5 strategies to stop doing it!

What causes self-sabotaging behavior? It is really easy to buy that gym membership and never use it. But, there are ways to avoid the self-sabotage and here are 5 strategies to get you started on your road to success. 

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