The Ultimate Unicorn is an 8 week intensive program that is designed to give you everything you need to start your online business, create a professional online presence and routinely attract soulmate clients. By the end of the program you will have a beautiful website, social media presence and all of the tools and mindset necessary for success.

The Program

Week 1 - Mindset coaching call to get you into the right space to step into your magic.

Week 2 - Vision building and ensuring that you understand your niche and your client. Learn how to tell your story in the most authentic and compelling way.

Week 3 - An introduction to the world of copywriting. Learn to map out content for your website and social media channels.

Week 4 - Solidify your visuals and wording to be used in the website. Learn how to build your audience, find and connect with clients on Facebook and how to use information you find on social media.

Week 5 - Finalize all content for the website. We will guide you through what apps and extensions to use to optimise your client processes. 

Week 6 - Set up and optimize your social media profiles and groups. We will show you what low-tech programs to use to streamline your online presence. Website building begins.

Week 7 - You will be guided through the process of the Breakthrough Call, and learn how best to find clients.

Week 8 - Practice Breakthrough Call and critique. Website ready for launch.

Additional Mindset Call available at any time as necessary in the program to help you overcome any blockages.


What is Included in the Program

  • Cohesive week to week program build for you to already be getting clients by week 4
  • 6 coaching calls with Brook Woolf
  • Email and telephone support whenever needed throughout the program
  • PDF, video and audio course materials 
  • LOADS of bonus materials covering mindset to ensure that you face your demons step into your full power
  • TONS of worksheets to ensure that you have everything that you need to take your passion from vision to reality
  • HEAPS of timelines, budgets, content mapping, red and white flag lists for clients, contract templates and so much more
  • You get to be best friends with me for life!

Remember: I have a maximum of 5 clients at any time to ensure that I can give you our full attention

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Julie Brannen

Movement Therapist/Coach

"I met Brook in a community kitchen of a healing circle. I instantly recognized her confidence and ease and knew she would be the key to something big in my life. My intuition was spot on. Brook was easy to connect to and share about the blocks that have kept me out of the abundant and joyful life that I fully dreamed of. She is compassionate, wise, and full of raw real-ness. She showed me that I have always had access to my worth, power, and authenticity; I just needed to step into it fully. I truly believe I met her at a pivotal time in my life, where this nudge of hiring a business/life coach was key. I now feel as though I am living in my heaven. I feel confident in my gifts and abilities and have successfully created my own online platform for generating energetic exchange, healing, and transformation to share with others. I am eternally grateful.

Richard Ward

Reiki Facilitator, Creative Coach

"Brook came to me like a blessing down from the blue. Her intuition in her work is astounding. Throughout my six weeks with her, I was shown each blockage that stood between me and launching my career as a coach. Moreover, I was given all the tools and knowledge I needed to begin accessing clients from the moment I was ready. Most of all, it was clear that Brook believed in me, which helped me see beyond my own self-doubt and recognize my true worth. I will always see my time with her as a key milestone in my life."


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The Social Media Butterfly

Never been a facilitator yet but keen to get started?

Haven't done any work online yet?

Just want to get your feet wet to see if this is the direction that is meant for you?

The Social Media Butterfly Program is perfect for those who are new to taking their business online and looking for some clarity about how to get started.

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 Love Empowerment Coaching

Do you feel mindset and your heart need more focus first?

Is just waking up everyday and getting out of bed seem like work right now?

Looking for that special someone/something to find inner peace?

Still thinking about that one guy/girl that got away and comparing everyone to him/her?

Do you feel like no one gets you and you are having trouble connecting to people?

Don't worry, you are not alone, as many of us have been there before! 

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