Emotional Body Mapping Practitioner Group Program BEginning Mid-OCtober

understand what you are FEELING fully by being guided into understanding what your body is depicting.

Learn how to Say NO without doubt.

Start to make choices you fully believe in.

Build a business that honors your purpose/ know what you are meant to be doing on this PLANET!

understand your thoughts as if they are as simple as reading a book.

Learn the correct order in which to connect to your mind, body, and spirit.

When you connect to your body and understand the language your entire life will shift before your eyes.

You will:

  • Have better communication with friends, family, and loved ones. i.e. meet that love of your life;)


  • Have more success in business by honoring your choices and knowing when to slow down and take care of your needs. i.e. make more money, gain more clients.


  • Have better health and be able to remove physical pains quickly by noticing the emotional attachment to the physical pain. i.e. Never complain about pain where you don't have solutions on how to heal.


  • Be able to guide others to do this for themselves and be certified in a healing modality that literally saves lives. 


All in all, your entire health, wellness, and business will be PROSPEROUS.


I have worked with people who have not been in relationships for years and within two sessions manifested their life partner.

I have seen people who could not walk be able to walk within two sessions and people who could not lift their arms be able to do the jumping jacks in four sessions AND all of this is done remotely!

I have worked with people who stopped believing in their business and were not getting new clients go to a six figure business within 3 sessions.

Emotional Body Mapping Masterclass


This isn’t impossible and this isn’t magic. This is a simple understanding of the steps in the correct order to finally start connecting the dots in your life.


If you feel like you are taking shots in the dark to get the mental or physical wellness in your life to be happy then this is the practice for you. It is simple, it makes sense, and it is possible for you to use these steps over and over for unlimited success results.


If you are being tired and drained in your business and feel like you are overworking and trying everything to grow a following or attract the right clients, then this is for you. When you learn how to listen to your body, you begin speaking to the right people and re-falling in love with your practice.


There is no fix all forever tactics in life. You will continue having pains in your life and the best possible strategy is to learn the invaluable tools to be able to face whatever comes in life fearlessly and effortlessly.


Your body speaks learn the language.

PAy for your first deposit now., be the early-bird, and receive the book when it comes out :) The price of the course will go up before September! 

The Practitioner Group Program Includes... 

  • an emotional body mapping ONe-on-onE coaching call 2 hours with Brook, The creator of emotional Body mapping.

    *valued at $1,000 usd

  • 8 weeks of group coaching throughout the entire map learning principles from NLP, Thai massage, cranial sacral, Chinese medicine, Ayurveda, Osteopathy and more!

     *valued at $2,000 usd

  • A lifetime access to videos and documents and be able to be a part of the groups courses as they continue. 

      *valued at $750 usd

  • A bond and an accountability buddy to practice Emotional Body Mapping throughout the program.

  • a Book on Emotional Body Mapping


  • Weekly worksheets and course material to develop further skills you can take into any spiritual or therapeutic practice.


  • A certificate at the end of the training to be able to provide these life-changing results to your clients for the rest of your life. 

Sign up today and save $190! The course is only $995 USD when you pay in full or you can split into 3 payments of $395. 

There is also a possibility of a winter retreat in Thailand as a part of this to meet each other and be able to learn some of the bodywork principles that can be added to in person training. Those that sign up for the early-bird will be getting a 40% discount on any in person retreat that they sign up for related to teaching emotional body mapping.

This is a once in a lifetime offer as it is the first time I am creating this course online! I am offering it at a price that is definitely only going to get more expensive as we 

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Brook has the ability to intuitively support your physical and emotional expansion through a unique blend of modalites. Over the months I have been her client she has patiently learned about my lifestyle, habits, and goals to craft individualized holistic healing sessions. I always leave our sessions feeling energized and empowered with meaningful advice, exercises, spiritual homework, and supplements to support my overall wellbeing. I feel blessed to have encountered Brook and her unique skills. She emanates a natural healing quality that isn’t all new aged fluff but genuine and powerful. I highly recommend you book a free breakthrough session and experience it for yourself!
— nikki, chicago
I recently had the pleasure of working with Brook as a coach, which felt like the right push and encouragement I needed at the time. She felt like a knowledgeable friend whom was able to give me practical advice and help me shift my mindset. I was in a pretty dark place when I first contacted Brook, and she empowered me to take action and control of my life and my emotions again, with actionable steps. I could talk to her for hours. She has a way with words and a down-to earth approach to helping others. You can tell she really cares about you and your progress. I was in a completely different place at the end of our sessions and I know she plays a big part in that! Thanks Brook!
— dianna woodward, interconnected podcast